#2: The Top 10 rules that children learn in school that may handicap their future…#2 Don’t Hit Back/No Fighting

17 Nov

     If you’re a parent or adult or teacher or perhaps all three. then you have probably already realized what it is that will wear kids out, and their chance for a bright and happy future,  faster than just simply growing older, just like it has most probably worn you out. The rules! And the fact that in adulthood where kids are going and where you’ve been, there are no rules.

The 2nd rule that children learn in school that may handicap their future…

2.      Keep Promises/ don’t lie. What they will discover is that lying is the fastest way to success and to getting what you want in the adult world and that promises are a clever adult ploy for scamming people through taxes, credit cards, mortgages, car sales, stock purchases, pensions, services, guarantees, warranties, government, etc…and sometimes even love!

Rule #3?…To be continued…


Spring’s Hope Eternal

24 Mar

“If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away.”                                     -Thoreau

History tells us that long term changes in social attitudes among human populations mostly involve a slow and arduous process involving argument, discussion, political upheaval and quite often intense strife and even war.

It usually begins somewhere and at some place in time with an outspoken individual or group who, whether inadvertently or by design, lead the world in a new and different direction.

And while we all have a voice and whether or not we perform in solo or in grand chorus, the trick it seems is to not be so loud, nor strike the proper chord, as it is to be singing the proper song…and then of course, to be able to recognize harmony when we hear it.

We’ve sung the songs of Monarchy, intolerance, slavery, racism, nuclear proliferation and at other times we’ve sung the songs of rebellion, freedom, democracy and peace.

Many tunes sound melodic and can get your toes a-tappin’ and a crowd to sing along, but how do we know when and if it’s the proper song to sing ?

And what about that drumbeat we hear? Should we march…or sit, and wait to serve another? Or beat our own drum and serve ourselves?

Hopefully someday, no matter the beat or  step, we’ll all head in the same direction and sing to a tune that can and will include all of our voices.


More Questions:

7 Sep

Questions I’d Like Answered

As living, breathing, thinking, evolving humans we all MUST ask questions and we MUST find the answers, even if the answers bring about new questions. That’s what EDUCATION is all about.

So here’s another question that I’d like to have answered…

*When the banks lose 1 trillion dollars by making bad loans and selling shady financial commodities, where or to whom does the lost money go? This a lot to do with education because 1 trillion dollars would go a long way in solving our health care, mortgage and pension crises that we face here in the United States and in turn free up a lot of tax payer dollars for improving and financing the education of our children (America’s most important commodity by the way) In fact 1 trillion dollars would just about cover all of the healthcare, mortgages and pension problems that we face in this country.

Instead the banks got their 1 trillion lost dollars replaced by our federal government which, by the way, is US as in US the taxpayers not the U.S. So doesn’t that make 2 trillion dollars for the banking industry? 1 trillion lost plus 1 trillion replaced? But where did the first trillion dollars go? Did it disappear as money has a habit of doing? Just POOF! That’s my question! Please let me know if you have the answer. I know it’s out there!

Just Ask!

Here is another example of why we never seem to learn anything and it’s not the fault of the public schools. It’s the fault of the public and another example of our collective desire to accept the never ending search for the answer instead of the actual answer or solution itself.

Are there drugs in the public schools?Is there a drug war being waged in the United States? Does Howdy Doody have a mahogany asshole?

I’ve been hearing about drugs in the public schools and about a war on drugs since I was in school back in the 60s. That’s almost 50 years of waging war on drugs! And drugs are bigger, better and more readily available than ever before. How do I know? I just asked the kids!

“Hey kids”, I’ll say to my students in class. “Who knows where to get drugs?” And everyone raises their hand. And these are kids I’m talking to! 14-18 year old boys and girls alike and they know either where to go or who to ask if they really want to get their hands on some “good shit”. Kids! So if the kids know where the drugs are and who’s selling them and how to get them, how come the police don’t? How come our DEA drug warriors don’t? They could ask the kids too couldn’t they, (most kids are blabber mouths) and then go get the drugs and drug dealers and wrap this war up pretty quickly, and yet it’s been almost 50 years and still the drugs and drug dealers are at large?! How is that possible? Have drugs won the drug war?

Nope. Because what we have here in the United States is not a drug war but rather a drug business and drugs and those in the business of drugs including the police, prisons, lawyers, drug dealers and pharmaceutical companies (to name just a few), are doing quite well and they all know where to buy and sell and find the drugs, just like Captain Queeg knew who ate the strawberries even after he instituted the search. If you don’t believe me…just ask YOUR kids!


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