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Fear and Desire?

9 May


When will we ever learn? It’s the 21st century for crying out loud…and still we entertain people who call themselves “psychics” as if they were real.

In 2004 Montel Williams entertained a psychic (Sylvia Brown) on his syndicated show who told the mother of Amanda Berry, a 16 year old who had disappeared a few months earlier, that her daughter was dead. Amanda Berry was found alive after she broke free from a home in Cleveland where she says she has been kept for the past decade…but still the mystery remains…

Does anyone out there actually believe that there are people who can see the future? Or who can intuit that which is unknowable to everyone else? And why does the television, entertainment and media world trot these people out onto the airwaves as though they don’t already know what lying charlatans they actually are?

Apparently Sylvia Brown is now facing a backlash on social media for her incorrect prediction about Amanda Berry.

Anyone who entertains the “predictions” of anyone who self professes to see the future should take turns giving each other ¬†a severe lashing as far as I’m concerned. FBI agents and other law enforcement officials have said that ¬†alleged tips from psychics rarely help solve a case…but seriously, did we really need them to tell us that?

Why didn’t the police and Montel Williams and everyone else for that matter simply ask those folks who can speak to the dead whether or not Amanda was there? Would that have been too creepy or something? I mean after all those folks can actually speak to the dead can’t they?

Of course they can’t and EVERYONE knows it so When will we ever move beyond superstition in this world and take permanent residence in the realm of the proven and provable?

Can you imagine for one minute what it would actually mean to mankind if someone actually had the power of prognostication?! Seriously think for one minute…YOU can see into the future with 100% accuracy…all things before they happen…and your power is infallible (It would be of absolutely no use if it weren’t now would it?)


Talk to the dead? Talk to the living about the dead as in:”Yes, they’re there and you’re here and they say hi!”

Would you go on television and make predictions?…or would you actually help people by finding them and saving them from horrible fates and warning of incredible tragedies before they happen? think of the possibilities? Think about how someone with that ability could actually help and change the world…They would be akin to GOD would they not?

So why do we entertain these silly and ridiculous notions about there being people who are “psychics, telepaths and clairvoyants” as though they actually exist… and thousands and thousands of years after we should all already know better?

If there is anyone out there who can “see” the answer, please let me know.


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