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March —- !

1 Mar

Happy March!

Are Spring hopes… eternal? I sure hope so because here on the east coast of the United States it has been one very cold and snowy winter. I used to remember having these kinds of winters every winter when I was little, back in the early sixties. We used to skate on the pond in the back yard (well, not me, only those who could skate) and it was frozen all winter long. And we would take our sleds down the street to the golf course and sled down the big snow covered hills until it was dark outside. And whether it was frozen pond skating or golf course hill sledding it was always jam packed with kids!

There were kids outside…everywhere…and not a parent in sight! Back in those days parents never came out of their houses unless they were headed for the car or the lawn needed to be cut…at least that’s the way it seemed to us kids. They never took any interest in the kid’s world, unless of course we broke something…which inevitably we always did…but then we ran!

Anyway, Spring meant seeing the ground again and running around without our boots. What freedom after months of heavy feet and walking around like you were in a diver’s suit on the bottom of the ocean.

Ahhhhh Spring! I hope we have a real one this year (like we just had a real winter) and it doesn’t just shoot straight up to 100 degrees by next Wednesday! (which these days it seems is always possible)

As for the title of this blog. Riddle me this:

Which day of the year is the only day of the year that is also a command? (English teachers should get this one easy)

Déjà Vu All Over Again?

25 Mar

Well it’s Spring! Although here on the east coast Spring has apparently been lionized for the entire month of March! But no matter what the weatherman says baseball and opening day shall spring eternal on the 31st.

And speaking of America’s favorite pastime, I have been a New York Yankee fan long enough to remember their 1965 collapse into mediocrity after a 1964 season that saw them finish one game away from the World Championship…for in 1965 as the great Yogi Berra might have phrased it, “The Yankees suddenly got old early out there.”

And now 48 years later the Yankees stand on the precipice of doing that very same thing again…but with a twist.

With aging heroes Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira,  Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter all on the disabled list the NY Yankees will owe players who will not be playing on opening day more money than 13 other major league teams will pay their entire roster to actually pitch, catch, hit, field and run when the games begin and the umpires declare “Play ball!”

This sobering fact is leading many fans, executives and experts to predict a last place finish this year for the mighty Yankees… Joltin’ Joe, say it ain’t so…

But still even without the afore mentioned players the 2013 NY Yankees will field a team with a combined payroll greater than all but 7 other teams in the major leagues and Yankee fans can expect to pay more money for season tickets and parking than most Yankees’ players were paid to play during the entire 1965 season.

Who knows what this means but it sure will be interesting to watch and see what happens to a team and its fans in the house that “tax exempt financing” built. Yankee Stadium is the most expensive baseball stadium ever constructed and although the Yankees paid for it (sort of)…They get to use their taxes to pay off their debt which would be like you getting to use your property taxes to pay off your mortgage… (sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?)

Will there be joy in Mudville this year? All I can say is “Stay tuned!” Because when this happened in 1965 the Yankees had to wait until free agency was invented before they could put themselves back together again.

But If it happens again this time, as a Yankee fan rooting for a team with seemingly unlimited resources,  in a city that can’t seem to wait to pick up the tab,  I’m hoping for the next best thing…

The invention of Cyborgs!


Spring’s Hope Eternal

24 Mar

“If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away.”                                     -Thoreau

History tells us that long term changes in social attitudes among human populations mostly involve a slow and arduous process involving argument, discussion, political upheaval and quite often intense strife and even war.

It usually begins somewhere and at some place in time with an outspoken individual or group who, whether inadvertently or by design, lead the world in a new and different direction.

And while we all have a voice and whether or not we perform in solo or in grand chorus, the trick it seems is to not be so loud, nor strike the proper chord, as it is to be singing the proper song…and then of course, to be able to recognize harmony when we hear it.

We’ve sung the songs of Monarchy, intolerance, slavery, racism, nuclear proliferation and at other times we’ve sung the songs of rebellion, freedom, democracy and peace.

Many tunes sound melodic and can get your toes a-tappin’ and a crowd to sing along, but how do we know when and if it’s the proper song to sing ?

And what about that drumbeat we hear? Should we march…or sit, and wait to serve another? Or beat our own drum and serve ourselves?

Hopefully someday, no matter the beat or  step, we’ll all head in the same direction and sing to a tune that can and will include all of our voices.

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