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For the Love of Reagan

22 Sep

When Jeb Bush was asked which woman from American history should appear on the new ten dollar bill he answered, “Margaret Thatcher.” He said that was because she worked so well with president Ronald Reagan who is considered by most Republicans to have been the greatest president who ever lived.

So great apparently is Jeb Bush’s love for the former president that he can’t even think of one woman from the United States’ glorious historic past…or present… who could possibly represent the United States on its 10 dollar bill…not one! All he can think of is an English woman who supported and mirrored President Reagan’s policies while she was the Prime Minister of Great Britain!  Mr. Bush added that it probably would be illegal and not allowed, but Margaret Thatcher would be his choice for the tenner.

Wow! That’s quite a bro-mance wouldn’t you say? They say that some people see stars in their eyes when they’re in love but…I guess if your a woman who is an American citizen then there’s probably not much that you can do to attract the good governor’s attention… for he’s got eyes for someone else…probably not even if you vote for him!

Wrestling the Helicopter

16 Oct

I watched the season opening episode of Hawaii Five-0 the other day and it was a wild romp of hostages, terrorists, police chases and of course heroic daring-do. The thing I found most curious however, was that in almost every scene the terrorists would take the hostages (and there was a lot of hostage taking in this episode) and then McGarrett and his team would always give up their weapons and surrender in exchange for the hostages. Then the terrorists would keep their word, let the hostages go and not shoot McGarrett and his men, but rather just run away.

Then the chase would start up all over again and McGarrett would be faced with another hostage dilemma and again would surrender and give up his weapon and again the terrorists would keep their word and harm no one and off we would go again on another wild chase etc.

Finally McGarrett’s plan came to a clear conclusion…McGarrett was simply waiting until his chance to catch those bad guys unawares became available…and of course it did…in the end when the terrorists (sans hostages for some reason) were ready to make their final get away… in a helicopter.

First half of the terrorists recklessly crashed their car on their way to the getaway then McGarret chased down the final group of bad guys by leaping onto the helicopter and wrestling it to the ground whereupon the day was saved, McGarret got a little banged up and then they all went to the bar for beers…because I guess, after you wrestle a helicopter to the ground, who needs healthcare?

But that’s entertainment, not real life and in real life I was always under the impression when dealing with hostage takers one should never give up one’s gun because…the bad guys will just shoot you and then shoot all the hostages…because somewhere I remember hearing that when dealing with terrorists…well, one should never deal with terrorists… because terrorists are the minority and to let the minority rule over the majority is not going to work out very well in the end for the majority… because they, meaning the bad guys, will just do it again…and so on and so forth.

So, wouldn’t giving up one’s proverbial weapons and dealing with the minority group of republican congressmen who have shut down our government to attempt to get what they want after all of the legal and proper channels of democracy had failed them, be in effect ending government and the majority rule of a free democratic country?

Because why wouldn’t they just do it again… and again…and again?

And why wouldn’t the Democrats then do the same whenever they find themselves in the minority as they surely will someday in the future?

How would even a Republican president or a Republican Senate or anyone for that matter ever get things done again within our government structure if we allow the majority to win elections and then allow the minority to rule?

Fantasy and convoluted plot structure work great on television but the only way we’re going to save this day is if the majority refuses to give up its “gun” in the first place and not wait around to wrestle the “helicopter” from the minority in the last place.

Isn’t it?

And by the way, I know that gun advocates everywhere just have to agree with me on that.



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