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Is Need Greed or Greed a Need?

4 Sep

I do realize that most of the folks who read my blog posts are Democratic Liberals like myself but occasionally I get a Republican to stumble upon my blog and leave a comment to set me straight…A week or so ago I wrote about this round of Republican presidential candidates and their policies and proposals for a better America, none of whom seem to have many, if any, plans for enhancing or keeping intact social programs for American citizens…programs which I favor.

Programs like affordable Healthcare for all, the protection of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other Pension funds, Women’s rights, A raising of the minimum wage, prison and sentencing reform, Environmental protection etc…and I concluded my post with a question: Why would anyone vote Republican if they are against these programs? What’s in it for you to do so?

To which my reader replied: “I would like to know when “what’s in it for me” became an issue?” THIS is exactly what is wrong in America! Everyone points at someone else to blame. Blame Wall st for their greed while motivated by our own greed & jealousy that they have what we want! Phoey!!”

Her conclusions went on to point out that I and those who think like me are selfish. We want social programs that help others and ourselves and are basically just jealous of those who have them because they can afford them, like rich wall street types. And that Republicans are the opposite of selfish because they don’t want anything for anybody, including themselves!

All Republicans want is their freedom, No regulations of any kind, no taxes and a large active military…all to be directed and guided by Christian teaching and morality as intended by the Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution. Republicans offer a fix to what ails us, she wrote…while Democrats want more of the same of what is making us sick which will lead us to total and complete socialism, which is based in greed. ie: the greed of the needy.

I must admit that I was taken aback by these comments because I never thought of myself as a greedy, selfish person. In fact that is what I think about most Republicans…that they are mostly folks that have an “I’m OK, who cares about anyone else but me and mine?” kind of attitude…which I would characterize as being selfish.

So ain’t that a kick in the pants? We both think exactly alike…she and I…except what we think is completely the opposite from one another! And there I suppose is America’s rub. We may see eye to eye but with completely and differently functioning eyeballs. The same information comes in through our eyes and ears and is then apparently broadcast upon our brains in completely differing hues, shapes, forms  and meanings…I guess?

For example: My Republican reader says that President Obama’s and that ” criminal traitor Hillary’s” policies have brought America to its knees. And I say, criminal traitor? Really? That requires a firing squad doesn’t it? Good heavens where’s the Christianity in that kind of language and criticism? And as for America being on its knees? That kind of rhetorical imagery conjures up begging or fellatio doesn’t it? Who is America begging and or pleasuring…and for what? Don’t we have the largest military in the world by a factor of ten now?! Aren’t we kicking ass, dropping bombs and droning entire countries and their civilians wherever and whenever we please? I thought everyone is on their knees to US?!

I just don’t see it like the Republicans do. And they don’t see it like I do… Even though we are both looking at the same things. So there you have it! This 2016 election is going to come down to 2 completely different points of view. Will we be selfish and vote for what we want…or will we be selfish and vote for what we don’t want?

To be me or not to be you? That is the question!

Now, raise your hand if you think there is any hope that our American politicians will be able or interested enough to discuss this obviously discordant and uniquely American Yin-Yang of a problem, sincerely and intelligently in the hopes of finding ANY answers…because I’m starting to wonder if it’s even possible anymore…or if we even remember how…

So We Elect a Republican President…and all We Get Is This Lousy Wall?

19 Aug

Do you know that more than half of the funds raised by the Republican candidates for President of the United States so far has come from just 130 families? If we imagine those families to be families of 4 then 520 people or .00000173 of the American population is funding half of the Republican party.

Just about all of the Republican presidential candidates and certainly Donald trump, think that illegal immigration is the number one problem facing the United States today. So much so that probably only a wall will solve the problem and keep the Spanish horde that is draining our economy of its life blood, out…So imagine that a Republican president is elected in 2016. A wall is built. Illegal immigrants are deported…even children born in the USA…until finally the USA is illegal immigrant and bogeyman free.

Once that happens what’s in it for you? Will the Republican President and Congress together, then:

Fully fund The Affordable care Act for all US citizens? NO (they plan to repeal it)

Provide proper Medicare and Medicaid funding? NO (they plan to underfund both programs)

Support and Strengthen the Social Security Trust Fund? NO (they plan to raise retirement age and cut benefits)

Safeguard all US pension funds? NO (they look forward to the continued pilfering of such funds)

Protect, support and strengthen the rights of all US women? NO (they plan to limit a women’s right to choice)

Fund the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to help feed our hungry citizens? NO (they plan to cut SNAP)

Raise the Minimum wage for all US citizens? NO (they plan to limit or do away with minimum wages)

Help for our college students and their ever increasing student loan debt? NO (they plan to cut financial assistance)

Strong Consumer Financial Protections? NO (they plan to role back restrictions on the big banks)

Seek peace in the Middle East? NO (they plan to repeal treaties and increase military spending)

Reform prison sentencing and our prison system of 2.2 million prisoners? NO (they plan on building more prisons)

Protect the environment and seek to reduce greenhouse gasses? NO (they see no need to reduce fossil fuel usage)

Raise taxes on the very wealthiest US citizens to help pay for the wall, the wars and the debt? NO (they plan to cut taxes on the wealthiest US citizens)

So what do we get? Besides another day older and…you know what? …And what is in it for us; the everyday, ordinary, hard working, American citizen? Confederate flags and down home religion? Safety and security in the knowledge that all of the poor, hungry, homeless, indebted or imprisoned souls in the United States are at least 100%, bonafide, certified, Grade A American Citizens?… And a nice big wall to keep us all safe and cozy inside?

And what will those 130 rich American family donors to the Republican party get do you suppose? Anything worth their while? Because make no mistake about it. Everything I’ve mentioned above is in the Republican platform, regardless of which one of their candidates gets elected! They make no bones about it and are not even pretending to make you believe otherwise.

So If the Republicans win and that wall goes up… Please don’t fool yourself.

Because if and when that day comes…It won’t matter which side of that wall you are on.

Lies and Donuts

11 Aug

This is what NJ governor Chris Christie had to say about himself at the most recent Republican debate.

CHRISTIE: “I’m the only person on this stage who’s actually filed applications under the Patriot Act, who has gone before the federal—the Foreign Intelligence Service [sic] court, who has prosecuted and investigated and jailed terrorists in this country after September 11th. I was appointed U.S. attorney by President Bush on September 10th, 2001, and the world changed enormously the next day, and that happened in my state.”

Unfortunately the governor can’t seem to remember his most recent past. (This has been happening to him quite a lot lately) It seems that when he isn’t telling someone to sit down and shut up or threatening to punch someone else in the face he’s just making stuff up…Because our most humongous governor wasn’t nominated for the U.S. attorney post until December of 2001 and didn’t start his job as U.S. Attorney until January 2002..which is not even close to being the day before 9/11.

One would think that being nominated by the President of the United States (albeit President Dubya) to such a prominent post would be an unforgettable moment in one’s life. Especially since it happened less than 15 years ago and especially when you have it written down in your OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY on your government website page here…

Governor Christie: Official bio…http://nj.gov/governor/admin/about/

Whenever the governor takes time off from campaigning for the presidency these days and shows up to do his job somewhere in New Jersey he receives long, loud and sustained boos from New Jersians of both political parties. When asked why, by political wonks, he says that it’s most likely because the people of New Jersey will all miss him so much and don’t want to see him leave…

Wow! Forgetful and stupid too! Yes, we’ll miss him… like a donut misses its hole.

P.s. Don’t vote for him unless  bullying, lies and and insincerity are all you need in a presidential candidate.

Earrings and Killer Robots

23 Oct

I was switching back and forth between the debates and the Monday Night Football Game…what can I say, I’m an American…and while I’m watching the game (the one with the football) One of the players takes off his helmet and I notice that he is wearing 2 giant sized diamond earrings! (How could I miss them?) Really? Earrings in football? There’s no earrings in football!

That got me thinking about the pregame in the locker room…

“Hey Bro, how do I look in these earrings? Do they match what I’m wearing?”

“Yeah you look great sweetie, now let’s go kick some ass!”

Then I switch over to the debate (the one with the presidential candidates) and finally the two rivals are in agreement on something. Is it peace on earth and good will to men? No! The one thing they’re both in favor of is more unmanned drones!

I know you’re all gonna say that I’m just getting too old, and I know it’s no use in longing to go back to a kinder and gentler time (The stone age!) or anywhere again for that matter, but I really do miss the days when a coach could say to a professional ball player (And politely I might add) “Hey big fella, Might I suggest that we leave the jewelry in the locker room until after the game? You know it’s just a thought on safety…not to mention, oh… fashion sense!

And I long for a time when two men who were vying for leadership of the free world might agree on “Strength and readiness and more protection for our citizens and oh… saying something like …might for right! …  but never …            We need more killer robots!”

Killer robots and fashionable ear wear for football players. Really?!

If I were younger would these be good things?


22 Oct

How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.
         -Abraham Lincoln

Two politicians are about to debate when one looks at the other and says. “Everything you are about to say is going to be a lie!” I know, replies the second politician, But hear me out!”

Is there anyone out there who isn’t tired of politicians who refuse to answer questions honestly? Who even in the face of questions that we already know the answers to refuse to acknowledge those truths and instead change the subject or answer some other question that was never asked? Are we tired of moderators who won’t object when answers to the questions asked aren’t forthcoming? Or of audiences who won’t at least raise a vocal objection when politicians deliberately avoid answering questions simply and honestly. Why do we politely sit by when those who are running for important government offices (And aren’t they all important?) refuse to address us with candor and honesty? What else do we need to hear? Who are they to demand decorum from us? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? After all are they not the applicants for the job?

We must demand virtue and integrity and honesty and above all gravitas from our political aspirants!

We should shout them all down with a steady roar of Gravitas! Gravitas! Gravitas! Until our questions are answered and they behave with the seriousness of purpose and intent that all of our government offices deserve.

We live in a time and place and with the speed of technology that can easily fact check every speaker who opens his mouth in front of an audience. Why don’t we at least do that? Accompanying every moderator or audience who asks questions of a politician should be fact checkers wired to the internet who can immediately account for the truthfulness of any statement.

Instead we wait for the “debates” or meetings to end so we can listen to the ramblings and obfuscations of this network or that which have in reality already aligned with one candidate or another and have no more integrity or seriousness than a Saturday night sitcom.

Where is the Gravitas? Where is the seriousness of purpose? Are these not our fortunes, our lives and our sacred honor that we are placing in their hands?

“We cannot afford to differ on the question of honesty if we expect our republic permanently to endure. Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public. Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life; it matters not how brilliant his capacity.”

Theodore Roosevelt

…And I might add…he or she has no right to remain there!


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