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14 May

I was reading Time Magazine this morning and I came across this quote from the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who, during an interview, was lamenting what he considered to be the overuse of cellphones everywhere and the constant snapping of cellphone pictures and selfies. “So I’m the only person here without all these electronic devices? And I’m a free man, and you’re all slaves. You are slaves to your gadgets.” He said.

When I read that I did think it was a bit extreme but later that morning while driving across town I harkened back to his words as I had the fright of my life! For what did I encounter but another driver in front of me who was talking on his cellphone. The good news was that he was using a hands free device. I could tell because of the headset he had on and the fact that he wasn’t holding a phone in his hands.

The bad news was that he wasn’t holding anything in his hands! Not even the steering wheel!

He was apparently a hand talker and he even had his window rolled down so that when he excitedly gesticulated during his conversation his left hand had someplace to go.

So there he was wildly gesturing and waving his hands (which often appeared outside of his vehicle!) while his car careened down the right side of a four lane main road. I tried to keep my distance and wondered what would happen as we both approached an oncoming bend in the road…and wouldn’t you know it…around the bend he went still talking and flailing away with both hands. He was steering with his knees!

So talk about being a slave to one’s gadgets. Perhaps Prime Minister Netanyahu has it right? Can’t we put down our phones for one damn minute these days? Can’t we just all stop talking, texting and taking pictures of everything…and enjoy our lives, smell the coffee, and watch the road???

” I don’t get this new world. added the Prime Minister. (while continuing on about cellphone use) Everyone is taking pictures. When do they have time to live? They’re taking pictures all the time.  Everyone is taking pictures of each other. Only taking pictures, that’s all they do. Taking pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures.  Stop taking pictures: Live!”

But here comes the best part of my story because…

If you agree with the Prime Minister (and me) you can text him or send him a photo because…

The Prime Minister HAS AN ACTIVE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!!!!! Where you can checkout his latest photos and selfies!!!

And here it is:


So now I’m guessing he has his own personal driver too…at least I’m hoping he does.



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