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The Jersey Red Tide

19 Feb

Coming To a Place Near You?

Some of you may know that I live in New Jersey but did you know that I live in one of the most deadly counties in the world? And it’s at the beach…well, mostly…and it’s the home of the deadly Red Tide! The Red Covid Tide that is…

You see, I live in Ocean County, NJ., one of the most Republican counties in all of New Jersey. In the 37 years that I have lived here I have seen only 3 people elected to serve as either mayor or on the town council in my town…and none of them were re-elected. And that’s true for just about all of the towns around me.

And why is that so important? Well, even though we are a mixture of semi-urban towns and beach towns and we have an average per capita income higher than the national average, we have one of the highest unvaccinated Covid rates in the Northeast. Only 53% of our residents have received at least 2 of the recommended Covid-19 vaccine doses with only 26% receiving the booster shot.

And what is it that explains the vaccine skepticism of Ocean County residents? It’s Politics mostly. Because our county is heavily Republican (President Trump won it by almost 30 percentage points in 2020) and most Republicans, just don’t believe in vaccines (anymore). And besides beach towns and exurban towns we here in O.C. are also the land of Senior Citizen “villages” and those of us who are older than 65 are the most vulnerable to severe Covid illness and death. (Senior C’s account for about 75% of all Covid deaths in the U.S.) So put that all together: Republicans, senior citizens, loss of faith in vaccines…and you’ve got a Covid-19 playground.

But who cares? Right? It’s a free country isn’t it?  However, the large number of unvaccinated residents in Ocean County has led to what some might categorize as a horrific amount of Covid illness and death. Nearly one out of every 200 residents has died from the virus. That is worse than the toll in Mississippi… the U.S. state with the largest amount of Covid deaths per capita! And even worse…it’s the worst death rate than in any Country, except for Peru! Peru? Sorry Peru, but you’re number 2… now. and thusly…Ocean County’s “Red Tide” was born.

And still does anyone care? If we do the math then 1 out of every 200 residents divided into about 618,000 county residents is only 3,090 people. Is that a lot? If 75% of those people are senior citizens… tucked away neatly in their senior villages…(self segregated by choice) then 2,317 of those folks were over the age of 65… and they were on deaths door anyway right? So how many noticed?

I’m sure that their children and grand children noticed but not many else. Hardly anyone is out and about wearing a mask these days and it seems as though every week, parents are assailing the school board about when mask mandates will be ended and Covid restrictions lifted. And what about sports? We must have regular crowded gyms and fields filled with sports and sports fans! And bars and restaurants and malls! It’s important that Americans get back to their way of life, and death, vaccinated or un.

I’m always amazed about how when the topic of Covid comes up in a conversation, someone will always ask, usually in a very condescending and smug way, “Do you know anyone who has died of Covid?!” As though that is the crucial bench mark of a disease. If you don’t personally know anyone who has died from it then it can’t be a thing can it? So why make such a fuss?

As many people have died from the Covid-19 virus and its variants in the past 2 years as have died from Cancer and Heart Disease. And those are the 2 leading killers of Americans year after year after year for quite a few years now (probably for as long as everyone alive today has been alive) and so everyone by now knows someone who has died from those deadly diseases…and so we fear them and don’t want to get them and try to avoid them don’t we? But Covid? This new kid on the block is a sissy, right?

Just imagine if Cancer and heart disease were contagious. They’re no more deadly than Covid-19 but would any of us go outside? Ever? And what if there were vaccines that could protect you from Cancer and Heart Disease and your loved ones also? Who would be so cavalier then to go without those vaccinations and proclaim their bodily sanctuary of freedom before their family and friends? And what if wearing a mask could protect others from catching cancer and heart disease from you? Ha! You say! No masks for me! I’m a free human being and you frightened Indians can go scratch for all I care!

And so alas, the Red Tide of free, bold and like thinking Americans sweeps over us all here in Ocean County and from sea to shining sea, unencumbered, until it infects that other “sea” of humanity that will need to become infected and die in such numbers as to make them take notice one day and say, “Hey God, that could happen to me?” For Chrissakes! When is somebody gonna do something about it?”

But until then it’s just a liberal nuisance like I’m sure cancer and heart disease once were. Now they are mainstays and entire businesses and lifestyles are devoted to them. We know how to prevent heart disease but do we? As many of our beloved institutions and practices are devoted to hurting our hearts as are devoted to helping them. (rehabs, health foods, gyms) (bars, fast foods, chips and sodas) And as for cancer? Are we polluting our environments with fewer noxious, poisonous, toxic, virulent and nasty effluents and pollutants than we once were? Hardly, we’ve added more! We’ve just gotten better at providing more treatments, medications and surgeries than we once did in our efforts to combat cancers.

So all in all it’s a win/win! More sickness and disease. More healthcare and hospitals. The real crisis of Covid it seems has been the lack of hospital space to make this disease cost effective… not the tremendous loss of life. After all what’s 900,000 souls lost when almost 8 billion souls are still with us here on Earth?

Sounds pretty cold and crass doesn’t it? But hey! Do you know anyone who’s died from Covid?

So take care of yourself and Let the Red Tide roll on?

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas?!

22 Dec

The Christmas tree at the center of Fox Square caught fire early Tuesday. Police said they arrested a man running from the scene.

Last week The Fox News’ “All American Christmas Tree” was assassinated by a homeless man who may or may not have set it on fire for a reason, or not, but if you are a Fox News lover then you know that it was a Liberal Democratic plot to destroy America, Christmas, Jesus and Love…because if you like to watch a lot of Fox News you know that that’s what we Liberal Democrats hate most about America.

But not to worry because Fox News, in the best traditions of wealth, went out and spent another 500 thousand dollars (yes that’s right: Half a million dollars) to replace what could be the most garish (and flammable) symbol of the Christmas season that I have ever seen.

They then proceeded to label the alleged perpetrator as the worst Scrooge in the history of Scrooges! Because what says Scrooge better than a homeless and penniless man allegedly setting fire to half a million dollars of plastic and aluminum? Only to see it replaced by another half a million dollars of plastic and aluminum?

That’s like Fox News, (Scrooge) calling Bob Cratchit, Scrooge because Bob is poor and can’t appreciate a rich man, (Scrooge), enjoying his riches like a poor man should…or something like that.

In any case let us not forget that this is the same Fox News that has spent the last year trying to explain how a bunch of crazy, mad, clueless Trump Supporters who tried to take over the United States Capitol and kill all of the statesmen inside (at least most of them) were just tourists on vacation who were admiring the Nation’s scenery…and what’s the harm in that?

You can watch the link below to see for yourself just how much Fox News believes in their own self importance rather than having any respect for the law, the United States, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, Christmas and/or you and me.

All I Want For Christmas Is…

9 Dec

Someone to shoot!


Ah yes, it’s a Republican Christmas: A time to spread cheer and love and peace on Earth. And what says love and peace and joy better than a wholesome family of mother and child(ren) packing heat along with their holiday message of Christian love?

Is Christmas dead? Apparently not yet!

At least not until Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and her 4 children decide they have a good reason to kill it? No doubt in defense of the Constitution, Santa Claus and Jesus! Because making friends with people who may be different from you is for Heaven…I guess.

And if you are a Republican, or anyone who thinks that this kind of crap is funny or cute or Christian or promoting positive values at Christmas time, especially from a United States Congresswoman who has sworn to represent all Americans, than you might as well get your gun and keep it by your side so you can always be ready to defend yourself… in Hell… where you’ll have all of eternity to blast away at lost souls who think just like you do.

Merry Christmas!

If We Only Knew…

20 Jan
YMCA rebrands itself as The Y | US news | The Guardian

…And now I have HEARD everything!

President Trump, Ole Number 45, made his farewell address this morning. After 4 long years (feels like longer than 4) it is finally over (is it really?) The greatest (worst) President in the history of the United States (unfortunately history is not over) has said goodbye to his adoring (psyco-phantic) friends, family… and fans (cult). He listed his many (few) accomplishments (things he said he did) and then waved goodbye. And then, as he prepared to walk off (helicopter) into the sunset (sunrise) we inexplicably heard this…

Young man there’s no need to feel down. Pick yourself off the ground ’cause your in a new town. There’s no need to be unhappy. There’s a place you can go. When you’re short on your dough, you can stay there and I’m sure you will find many ways to have a good time. It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.!

Why? Well because They have everything For young men to enjoy. You can hang out with all the boys. You can get yourself clean. You can have a good meal. You can do whatever you feel. Are you listening to me? What do you want to be? You can make real your dreams, but you’ve got to know this one thing
. It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.!

Just remember: No man, does it all by himself. Put your pride on the shelf and just go there, to the Y.M.C.A. I’m sure they can help you today because I was once in your shoes. I was down and out with the blues. I felt, no man cared if I were alive. I felt the whole world was so jive!…

and that’s when someone came up to me and said young man take a walk up the street. There’s a place there called the Y.M.C.A. They can start you back on your way. It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.!

Who Knew?! After all of this time, tribulation and frustration, all President Trump really wanted to do was have a good time and go back to hanging out with all the boys! Because, After all is said and done…Who has everything for a young man to enjoy? The Mar-a-Lago Y.M.C.A. …of course!

So Good Luck President Trump! It’s time now to leave this jive world behind and go Hang out with all the boys and enjoy yourself. If you see Vice President Pence please tell him I said hello. (I don’t think he wants to hang out with all the boys though) And give my condolences to the First Lady. (not one of the boys)

And now we say Goodbye! Farewell! and may this nightmare of a presidential reality show finally be…


Oh My God! I forgot about syndication!!!!


We Have Met the Enemy!

17 Jan


Facebook Pressed to Retain Digital Evidence From Capitol Riot - Bloomberg

It’s almost Inauguration Day 2021!

Currently 20,000 National Guard Soldiers are stationed in Washington D.C. (That’s more than the number of military troops currently stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria) The Washington D.C. Mall is closed to the public. All police and security agencies throughout the nation are on high alert expecting possible attacks at all State Capitol buildings and the National Capitol this weekend and next week.

The rules for air travel within the United States that were put into effect after the 9-11 terrorist attacks, are once again in effect for air travel to and from Washington D.C.

There is growing concern about security on Capitol Hill, (is it there to protect the Capitol or is it working against its protection?) as well as worries from Congressional lawmakers who are now facing threats to their personal safety and who are in fear for their lives and the lives of their families.

The Secretary of state of The United States of America, Michael Pompeo, had to cancel his trip to Europe where he was to meet with America’s NATO allies, because they refused (had no desire) to meet with him.

147 members of Congress (all Republicans) out of 535 total members (27%!) have voted to overturn the 2021 presidential election results (even though some of them were just elected in the 2021 election) which resulted in a 7 million+ vote victory for President-Elect, Joseph Biden, despite the fact that all challenges to the validity of the voting process in the U.S. were found lacking in evidence and efficacy, despite the fact that 2 months of the recounting of votes in 6 disputed states results showed no significant change in the accuracy of the vote in any state, and despite the Supreme Court of the United States’ unanimous decision to deny a Texas lawsuit to void millions of votes in four other states for lack of legal standing, evidence or worth.

What’s going on and Why is all of this happening?

Is America under another attack from Al Qaeda? Has Isis invaded? Are hordes of Muslims on the warpath? Is there an invasion from Russia, China, North Korea or any other nation foreign?

Nope. The enemy is American…apparently on both sides. The Trump republicans have committed treason by invading our Nation’s Capitol Building in what they say is an effort to defeat the treasonous Democrats who have illegally stolen their president’s rightful re-election.

What a revolting development! (get it?) Do these American Rebels know what treason is?

These insurgents can be seen above as they fight to restore America’s greatness by overturning a democratic election, certified by all 50 states, Congress and the Supreme Court in order to show their love for President Trump…But if they want to defeat America in their effort to save President Trump doesn’t that make him greater than America? Do these insurgents know what they are doing?

The rebels also say that they don’t want the Socialist Democrats and their “socialist president” to take power so in their effort to defeat Socialism and restore Democracy they are willing to place a man, who just lost the electoral vote and the popular vote (for the second time…in a row) into the Presidency all the while knowing that President Trump is a man who advocates the end of a free and working press, the imprisonment of his enemies whether they have committed crimes or not, the banishment of American citizens with “foreign” backgrounds, the permanent placement of his family members into high level government positions…

Good grief! Do these rebels know what Socialism is?

Do they have any clue about what Democracy is?

Meanwhile our President who had and has and still is instructing these rebels on how to be strong and resolute and determined and to never give up the fight against the bad and evil people (the majority) who voted against them…and who goes on and on about how special his rebels are and how he loves them so very much…says that he has absolutely no responsibility for anything that has taken place during his presidency. (except for the stock market rise…that was all him)

Does he know what Responsibility is?

Does anyone know what the hell is going on in the once United States of America?

And so the show goes on. The show that I said had “jumped the shark” and was headed towards cancelation just won’t go away and cannot seemingly be cancelled! All eyes…worldwide open… continue to watch! What will happen to the Greatest Country and Show on Earth?

Who ever thought that we’d be asking this question in our lifetime?

Ouch! My Wrist!

8 Jan

This cool dude, last seen relaxing on TV in the United States Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s, chair, his foot comfortably propped upon her desk, takes a load off after having just broken into the United States Capitol Building… along with thousands of other hoodlums, thugs and gangbangers. (That is what you call a group of like minded, similarly dressed, gun toting doers of dirty deeds done dirt cheap…isn’t it?)

His name is Richard Barnett, 60, of Arkansas and he was arrested today and charged with “entering and remaining on restricted grounds, (Really? Gee officer, this guy entered my house and then…remained!) violent entry, and theft of public property”.

Lucky for him I guess. I don’t know what the potential penalties are for those crimes (if found guilty?) but he sure is fortunate that he wasn’t charged with “selling cigarettes illegally” or “not having his driver’s license” or “walking across the street in a lazy and unsteady manner”.

He should also thank God that he wasn’t “possibly under the influence of alcohol” or that he hadn’t just been accused of “passing a forged check”. And he can thank his lucky stars that he was dressed so appropriately when he committed these “Capitol” crimes and was not “wearing a dark hoody with hood deployed”.

And if someone, say a law enforcement officer, had gotten word that he might have been “carrying a gun” or had recently been seen “disturbing the peace” or “charging or menacing” some other police officer… he could really have gotten in trouble!

And he is equally quite fortuitous to be a citizen of the United States (although I really can’t tell without having seen his ID) who possess such an affable smile, ease of manner and unthreatening countenance… as opposed to not having those attributes.

And why is that?

Because in some cities, towns and boroughs in the United States of America all of those things are punishable by the death penalty!…Immediately and on the spot!

But don’t worry about Mr. Barnett… I’m sure you’ll be seeing him on interview shows and Go Fund Me sites soon!

Some guys just have all the luck!

Cracker Box Palace

8 Jan
President Donald Trump, dressed in a dark blue suit with a light blue tie and white dress shirt, holds a copy of the Bible in front of Ashburton House, a former private residence which now serves as the priory house of St. John's Episcopal Church just north of Lafayette Square. St. John's is popularly known as the "Church of the Presidents" because every president since James Madison has attended services there at least once, typically on the day of their inauguration.

Somewhere out in the great beyond President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee are smiling. It may have taken 160 years but the U.S. Capitol, home of those Damned Dirty Yankees, has finally fallen! For yesterday, January 6th, 2021 another American date that will live in infamy (and infancy…as in tantrum) our Capitol building in Washington D.C. was attacked, captured and desecrated by the Confederacy… of Dunces.

It didn’t take very long, just a few pushes and shoves, broken windows, fireworks and Confederate flags flown high and the Republican mob was up Capitol Hill and over the Union’s defenses and into the Capital Building’s domed lobbies, sacred offices and grand legislative chambers.

The insurgents broke windows, started fires, trashed offices and occupied the building with little resistance from the Capitol Police who seemed flustered and confused over how to stop an angry, well armed white mob composed mostly of middle aged ladies in mom jeans and mostly bearded men flaunting their finest hillbilly chic sportswear and work boots.

Our Nation’s National Emblem, The Capitol Building, was in no way defended. There were no teargas canisters deployed, nor rubber bullets fired, nor any sign of heavily armored policemen to thwart the mob’s assault or stand in its way. Our country’s Vice President, and Congressmen and Women, who were inside the building fled in panic or cowered beneath their desks, taken completely by surprise even though they had been warned time and time again by our own President, most of his entourage and scores of elected Congressmen and women, that he would be avenged (most likely with violence) for his election loss.


In fact, only a few minutes before the attack, at a rally near the White House, President Trump and his son Donald Jr. along with trusted lawyer and friend, Rudy Giuliani, exhorted their adoring crowd of sycophantic psychos that it would take strength and not weakness to reclaim their country!

“We will never give up. We will never concede,” Trump told the attendees outside the White House, who cheered him on. “We will stop the steal!” (The election was stolen from him because more people voted against him than for him…and besides as any redneck ninny knows, the only real way to tell if an election held in the USA isn’t rigged is if the Republican candidate wins)

And so off they went, onwards to the Capitol Building of the United States of America! And in a most embarrassing and startling turn of events, captured it with ease…and the Confederacy of Trump was born! They broke and entered! Came, Saw… and Conquered!

The angry mob even Took photos and selfies with some smiling law enforcement? officers? And were even saluted by the Junior Senator from Missouri (seen below raising his fist in a show of white power) as they went about their business of pillaging, desecrating and mocking The Union that had once defeated them in war back in 1865.

All in all the insurrection seemed like Great, White, American fun! Yes, some were arrested (52) and some were killed (4) but when you figure it out as a percentage of the thousands who stormed the barricades (spoiler alert: there weren’t any barricades) it’s positively insignificant! (just like Covid-19) It was the most complete and swift victory ever accomplished by Confederate forces on American soil!

And when the President was appealed to and called upon to do something! anything! in defense of our Great Nation to help stop the rioting and to defend our Revered Constitution and intervene in this most violent insurrection… he took immediate action…and tweeted!!! (The tweet heard round the world?)

“You have to go home now…he said. We have to have peace.” and he added…”I know your pain. I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election and everyone knows it. Especially the other side. But you have to go home now,” Trump said.

He also added, and I paraphrase here because most of those tweets and videos have been deleted from the internet, (evidence of treason?) that he knows what it’s like to be a poor Confederate who loses when he should win and who doesn’t get what he wants when he wants it and who is persecuted by those who won’t give him what he wants…

He went on…

(And now I quote again) “These are the things and events that happen (the attempted over throw of Democracy?) when a sacred (?) landslide election victory (huh?) is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away (by counting the voters votes?) from great patriots (He is calling the Confederate insurrectionists great patriots!) who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long, (Since the Civil War?) So go home. We love you. (He loves those who stormed the Capitol?) You’re very special. (because they did it for him?)

“It’s a very tough period of time,” he added. “But we can’t play into the hands of these people. (Americans? The Union? Those Citizens who didn’t vote for him?) who he went on to characterize as “so so bad and so so evil”! (If you didn’t vote for him you are evil…it’s THAT simple?) 330 million citizens – 74 million Trump voters leaves @ 256 Evil Americans! That’s a lot of evil Americans! No wonder most Republicans find so much fault with America…and Americans.

Ah well…and so when it got dark they were asked to leave and they left: these Haters of Democracy…these Champions of evil… rooting out of!…these Overthrowers of elections…not winning!… These Crackers of… where’s my cream cheese!

And they suffered No consequences…No bullets in the back as they retreated…No kneels to the backs of their necks as they gasped desperately in defense of their innocence…No hours long interrogations or confession signings… nope, nada. It’s as though they all had Presidential PBA Cards! It’s so good to know someone important isn’t it? It’s just so good to be so white and so right in America… isn’t it?

But what happens now? President Trump still has 2 full weeks to wield his scepter of seemingly unlimited influence and control over his mutineer minions. He still maintains that he has been wronged, swindled and unfairly toppled from his rightful throne. … and his confederated zealots, fresh from victory agree. And both have sworn to never give up their fight to restore him to his most lofty latrine of power.

One commentator offered a suggestion as to why all of this was happening: “The president just doesn’t know how to accept losing” he said… But I say that our President just doesn’t know how to accept America… and never has…nor do his followers.

So what happens now? Will this republican mob make another coordinated attack before or during the inauguration of President-elect Biden? Will President Trump have already pardoned himself before they do so? Will the insurgents be carrying Presidential pardons in their pockets too… thus having been made an invulnerable, un-prosecutable, monster mob of President Trump’s self righteous Id?

Holy Psyche Batman!

Who will stand up to this disparagement of Democracy? Will only the crack of doom cancel this shit show? Maybe President Trump will leave office peacefully, only to retire to Florida to live in Ex-presidential exile where he will then take to the airwaves as a prognosticating naysayer of all things not to his liking?… His family squabbling on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a veritable Duck Dynasty of Doomsday Drivel and Despair?

Will we all be subjected to a daily soundtrack of American mockery…without reprieve nor end, from a self pardoned President and his brood awaiting their return to power?

Stay tuned America! Same Trump time! Same Trump channel!

Who’s the Real Party of Hate?

15 Dec

Although I consider myself a liberal Democrat I receive Emails from GOPUSA because I am always interested in how those whose views are different from mine see the world and share their opinions on politics and world events. GOPUSA describes themselves as a private company whose mission is to spread the conservative message throughout America.

They list their mission as one to “educate, enlighten, and engage conservatives through a host of features and services including news, online discussions, commentary, and information.” And although they are not directly affiliated with the Republican Party they say that they “hope to be the first source that Republicans and conservatives will turn to for news and information, both at the state and national levels.”

On Monday December 14th they sent this to my email inbox. It was an opinion piece about President-elect Joseph Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Their opinion was that it was a terrible choice (laughable and left wing) and that the main(lame) stream media (in this case, Time Magazine) was trying to be politically correct when there were so many other good choices that they could have made…Of course, their pick would have been President Trump because of his stellar leadership with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic throughout 2020.

But that is their opinion, which is fine. However, what struck me the most about their opinion was the cartoon depiction that they made of the Time Magazine cover featuring both Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris. Here is the cover of Time Magazine as it appeared on newsstands.

TIME | Current & Breaking News | National & World Updates

And here is their cover of “Crime” Magazine, featuring the “Plunderer of the year”, with the names of Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris off to the side of their depiction of the two new elected leaders and the caption underneath that reads: “Changing America’s Election Results”.

So I guess that it is their opinion that the President and Vice President elects have stolen the election and are thieves, plunderers and criminals and not duly elected and honest American leaders?

But notice their caricatures as depicted by the artist. Where did those gigantic noses come from? One, more of a sinister beak that cannot be contained by his mask, while the other is rather long and upturned under her mask. What could they possibly represent… since neither Mr. Biden nor Ms. Harris are known for their big noses? (as you can see by looking at their photographs in the real magazine cover) So this is not a caricature as much as it is a message to the Republican and conservative (?) faithful.

Time Magazine’s history of absurd person of the year awards

It’s one thing to lose an election and be upset by that and another thing to disagree with a choice made by a magazine for its choice of cover… but it’s a completely other thing to depict your nation’s new democratically elected leaders as vile criminals!

So 306 electoral votes means it’s too close to call in a presidential election? Get angry! Get your guns! Take to the streets!… But 3,000 citizens dead each day from a virus and 300,000 citizens dead already after 10 months of a pandemic? Let’s party! Let’s go to a bar! Where’s my freedom?

Meanwhile hatred sells. Hatred is profitable. Hatred makes money and motivates buyers and sellers alike. It’s a commodity. But Empathy? Sympathy? Cooperation and kindness? Good luck raising money and building a grass roots movement with those skills.

We live in a very sad country right now… And it seems to me that it’s getting sadder every day…

Our President Has a New Hobby

10 Dec
How the Grim Reaper Works | HowStuffWorks

As President Trump’s presidency begins its final days (Are they really?) Our President has decided to pick up the pace of federal executions by adding 5 executions to his administrations Thursday schedule, as in this Thursday December 10th.

All told that will be 13 federal executions carried out and completed since this past July when executions once again became a thing for presidential administrations to do! And that was after a 17 year break in federal executions going back to the Early administration of President Bush the second.

If he succeeds and the 5 executions go off as planned, President Trump will leave office (will he ever leave?) having executed 1/4 of all federal death row prisoners… making him the number one execution president in over 130 years! And his Attorney General, William Barr, says that the administration will most likely be scheduling more executions right up until President-elect, Joe Biden takes over.

Maybe we’ll even have an execution on inauguration day! Wouldn’t that be biblical? And dare I say appropriate in a macabre, ironic and evangelical sort of way? Ironic Especially since the President-elect has pledged to work towards ending the death penalty for federal prisoners. And evangelical because who is more Christian and Evangelical that our Bible reading and waving (more waving than reading…by a long shot!) than our President Trump?

And since Mr. Biden has pledged to work toward ending the death penalty once he becomes president, you can understand why our current President and his most avid supporters are in a hurry too. And if the 5 scheduled to be put to death on Thursday are indeed severed from this mortal coil then President T. needs only 2 more to top the last record of 14 set in 1896 by President Grover Cleveland. (from NJ of course…sorry C.C. We all know how much you wanted this to be you)

But to be fair and ironic it was Joe Biden, who was a Senator way back in 1994, who voted for a crime bill that added 60 federal crimes for which someone could be put to death. And he was there when The federal death penalty was reinstated in the modern era by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, also known as the “Drug King Pin” statute. No doubt it was reinstated to help fight the “War On Drugs” which we all know has been going very well for drugs and not too well for us…and I wonder how many drug “Kingpins” got the death penalty anyway?

However, executions on the federal level have been rare, and the government has put to death only three defendants since restoring the federal death penalty in 1988 and most Americans now lean towards life sentencing rather than death sentences for several reasons: 1, It’s cheaper because law suits on behalf of those sentenced to death drag on for years and cost the government a fortune to defend…up to 8 times more according to a 2008 government study. 2, The National Academy of Sciences determined that at least 4% of  people who are on death row were innocent. 3, statistics have proven that people of color are more likely to be sentenced to death and disproportionately so.

So why kill people with the public’s money when sentencing someone to life is cheaper, the risk of killing an innocent person for a crime he or she did not commit is ended and the egregious mistake of using racism as an excuse for such an extreme punishment is eliminated…not to mention that killing someone for killing someone else is…while sadly still debatable, a thing that I believe the human race should move beyond.

But hey, if you’re not a fan of lethal injection at U.S. penitentiaries because it’s too namby- pamby then you can take solace in the fact that the drug used to carry out death sentences is no longer readily available and our Justice Department has recently updated their protocols to allow for executions by firing squad and poison gas! I kid you not. So maybe there will be a firing squad plying its trade in Terre Haute, Indiana while at the same time our new president is sworn in, in Washington D.C.?… Could happen…

Critics of President Trump’s recent execution escalation have said that the restart of executions in an election year was politically motivated, helping the President to further his claim that he is the law-and-order president… but President Trump has always been a supporter of the death penalty and in a 90’s Playboy interview, he even described himself as a strong supporter of capital punishment, saying, “Either it will be brought back swiftly or our society will rot away.”

And he was a big supporter of the death penalty having been recommended for the “Central Park 5” who were convicted for the aggravated assault and rape of a white woman jogging through Central Park in New York City in April of 1989. The 5 convicted teenagers (black and Latino) who had maintained their innocence even after having signed written confessions, later had their convictions overturned when the real killer (a white man) was caught with the help of DNA evidence and confessed to that crime and a series of other murders.

In fact President Trump still maintains that the Central Park 5 should still be put to death because they confessed to the crime, (even though they were later proven to have been coerced and their crimes uncommitted)… because if you confess to a crime you should suffer the penalty… Now I would call that being Ultra-Biblical or maybe even Anti-Biblical depending upon which of the Testaments you prefer, but perhaps our President simply likes his confessors to not be living just like he likes his heroes to not be captured?

Anyway, it should also be noted that many states with death penalty laws have halted executions recently over concerns that the rampant spread of the coronavirus (remember that?) would put lawyers, witnesses and executioners at too great a risk but the Trump administration has decided to press on regardless of the danger, real or imagined, imposed by the virus, to anyone.

And it should also be mentioned that last year our state prisons carried out a combined 22 executions but as a consequence of the health precautions that states have taken this year, just seven prisoners have been executed in 2020 and none since July. So the Federal Government could out execute every state in the country this year, if they hurry, before time runs out and the prisoners catch the virus and die. Remember, convicted felons on death row are people too…until they are not.

So, only 41 days left until Inauguration Day 2021 when time runs out on the Trump administration (will it ever?) and their chance to execute our death row inmates before Covid19 does!

So Stay Tuned! Who will be the winner of this year’s title and crowned king of death? (at least for death row inmates)… Will it be the Grim Reaper or…

His Apprentice?

Yeeeeeeeeee Hawwwww!

1 Dec
The World Famous Bucking Horse Sale

Remember when President Trump said this about the Coronavirus way back in April of this year?

“I thought about it,” he said. “I said maybe we should ride it through. You know, Ride it like a cowboy.” Had that been done, President Trump said, health officials estimated 1.6 to 2.2 million people in the U.S. would die.

And now here we are 7 months later and a few days after Thanksgiving in America and what are we doing?

We’re riding the Coronavirus like a cowboy!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Are we having fun yet? Over 260,000 dead American citizens to date. Over 13 million reported cases. 200 thousand new cases per day. Almost 2,000 dead Americans every day. And now 500,000 expected to be dead by March of 2021…right up there with a yearly death toll running neck and neck with those two other apocalyptic American horses; cancer and heart disease.

Somewhere along the line Our President and his team of experts lost interest, along with his supporters and what appears to be half of the rest of the country! It was those lousy ratings his press conferences were getting I guess…

And then of course there was the campaign, the golfing, the pep rally comedy tour, his own coronavirus brush with death, the campaign again, and finally over 80 million citizens voting him out of office in what he called a “landslide mandate from the American People”!

…That’s what he called it when it happened to Hillary Clinton in 2016!

But now he says that he won’t go because the election was too close and that people really love him except for those Americans who are cheats and voter frauds and election thieves and Godless lovers of Satan, …

…you know… the other 250 million Americans who apparently don’t appreciate a good horse when they see one. ..One they can ride like a cowboy!

But don’t panic America because according to the White House Science Department “ending the COVID-19 pandemic” is the top accomplishment of  President Trump’s first and only term! It’s His TOP accomplishment!…

And in just a little less than 2 months President Trump and his White House staff and all of his men can ride that #@%#! accomplishment and the apocalyptic horse they came in on straight on outta town… just like a cowboy!

…And Good Riddance!


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