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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas?!

22 Dec

The Christmas tree at the center of Fox Square caught fire early Tuesday. Police said they arrested a man running from the scene.

Last week The Fox News’ “All American Christmas Tree” was assassinated by a homeless man who may or may not have set it on fire for a reason, or not, but if you are a Fox News lover then you know that it was a Liberal Democratic plot to destroy America, Christmas, Jesus and Love…because if you like to watch a lot of Fox News you know that that’s what we Liberal Democrats hate most about America.

But not to worry because Fox News, in the best traditions of wealth, went out and spent another 500 thousand dollars (yes that’s right: Half a million dollars) to replace what could be the most garish (and flammable) symbol of the Christmas season that I have ever seen.

They then proceeded to label the alleged perpetrator as the worst Scrooge in the history of Scrooges! Because what says Scrooge better than a homeless and penniless man allegedly setting fire to half a million dollars of plastic and aluminum? Only to see it replaced by another half a million dollars of plastic and aluminum?

That’s like Fox News, (Scrooge) calling Bob Cratchit, Scrooge because Bob is poor and can’t appreciate a rich man, (Scrooge), enjoying his riches like a poor man should…or something like that.

In any case let us not forget that this is the same Fox News that has spent the last year trying to explain how a bunch of crazy, mad, clueless Trump Supporters who tried to take over the United States Capitol and kill all of the statesmen inside (at least most of them) were just tourists on vacation who were admiring the Nation’s scenery…and what’s the harm in that?

You can watch the link below to see for yourself just how much Fox News believes in their own self importance rather than having any respect for the law, the United States, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, Christmas and/or you and me.

All I Want For Christmas Is…

9 Dec

Someone to shoot!


Ah yes, it’s a Republican Christmas: A time to spread cheer and love and peace on Earth. And what says love and peace and joy better than a wholesome family of mother and child(ren) packing heat along with their holiday message of Christian love?

Is Christmas dead? Apparently not yet!

At least not until Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and her 4 children decide they have a good reason to kill it? No doubt in defense of the Constitution, Santa Claus and Jesus! Because making friends with people who may be different from you is for Heaven…I guess.

And if you are a Republican, or anyone who thinks that this kind of crap is funny or cute or Christian or promoting positive values at Christmas time, especially from a United States Congresswoman who has sworn to represent all Americans, than you might as well get your gun and keep it by your side so you can always be ready to defend yourself… in Hell… where you’ll have all of eternity to blast away at lost souls who think just like you do.

Merry Christmas!

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