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The Man Who Would Be King?

23 Aug

Alleged North Carolina Election Fraud Could Cause A Backlash For ...

This just in: The re-election campaign of President Donald Trump has sued New Jersey! And what did we do now? Well, it seems that our governor, a Democrat, has decided to mail a ballot to every voter in the state for this November’s elections because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The President’s filing made two charges – first, that Governor Murphy exercised power that belonged to the state legislature in changing the state’s election law, and second, that the changes “will violate eligible citizens’ right to vote.”

Getting a mail in ballot violates my right to vote?! How? By making it safer for me to vote? Or by making it easier for me to vote? Or by letting me vote from the comfort of my home instead of having me drive over to the Elks Lodge?

The President has said that the voting method (voting by mail) is susceptible to large-scale fraud, and I guess he should know since that is the only way that he and his family members ever vote. (You won’t catch him inside an Elks lodge that’s for sure)

But the experts (people that study elections and voting systems and measures throughout the country) say that voter fraud of any kind in the U.S.A. is extremely rare… and neither the President nor his family members nor any other person in Congress who has ever voted by mail has ever complained that their vote had been usurped, or lost or mismanaged or left uncounted or fraudulently hijacked or held hostage by the post office or by nefarious vote thieves or counterfeiters.

And New Jersey will use methods similar to what it employed for its primary vote in July, with improvements based on lessons learned then… and NJ residents who opt to go to their local polling places on Nov. 3 will do so in “provisional voting,” meaning they must use paper ballots, not voting machines so that officials can guard against duplicate voting.

Election officials in most states have encouraged at-home voting as the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus has made voting in person a concern, but President Trump’s re-election campaign and the national Republican Party this month also sued Nevada to block a law that will send a mail-in ballot to every voter before November’s election, saying it will result in “inevitable” voter fraud.

However our president has applauded and even encourages mail in ballots in places like Florida (where he now resides and votes) and other Republican leaning states as “safe and secure and reliable” but he never explains what makes their mail in voting better than New Jersey’s or more secure (they use the same postal service that we do don’t they?) or how we could make our voting system in NJ as safe and secure as theirs…

Nor does he explain exactly how or why he knows that we here in New Jersey are certain to cheat… and cheat against him and not for him? How would he know such a thing?

And if he does know then what is he doing about it? He is the President of the United States after all isn’t he? Why doesn’t he ask Florida to talk to New Jersey so they can help us be as safe and secure as they are? Is what they do a secret?

He has had four years since he last accused Americans (Democrats only) of voter fraud during a presidential election when he said that he knew that 3 to 5 million Americans (or not Americans?) voted illegally and all for the same person (who wasn’t him) and what has he done about it?

Did he overall our voting systems? Create a new state of the art fool proof voting machine? Locate and determine exactly where the cheating and fraud took place and by whom and how it was done?

Here he is in 2017 signing a gigantic Presidential executive order establishing The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, also called the Voter Fraud Commission, The Trump administration said the commission would review claims of voter fraud, improper registration, and voter suppression.

The commission followed through on previously discredited claims by Trump that millions of  illegal immigrants had voted in the 2016 presidential election, costing him the popular vote….But like all of President Trump’s “investigations” both before and after he was elected President, they did nothing of consequence and found nothing of consequence and by January 3rd of 2018 the commission was disbanded and their investigation was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security who…

Also turned up no voter fraud, cheating or illegality.

And even when the FBI, CIA, NSA and The department of Homeland Security all agreed that if anyone had tampered with our last Presidential election it was most certainly… Russia! His only effort to have them investigated was to ask President Putin if it were true. And when the president of Russia said no, that was the end of his investigation.

President Trump then posited that anyone could have done it! Even some fat guy in his mother’s basement in New Jersey…again with a NJ put down! (How many of these United States does the our president dislike anyway?) But did he even investigate that? Did he round up all of the fat guys in NJ or even bother to ask our former governor, Chris Christie, if he was the fat guy who did it?


But still our president maintains that should he somehow lose this year’s presidential election it could only be as the result of voter fraud and cheating. And so he continues, on a daily basis, to denigrate our voting system…that which makes America, America… and BTW that which made the world’s first great Democracy…

One that is now in serious danger of ending should he continue his all out assault on the founding principal that makes us who we are, and follow through with his promise to not accept the 2020 Presidential election results…unless of course he wins.

And so here in New Jersey, the 3rd great state to ratify this country’s constitution, we wait… to be insulted…verbally assaulted…and sued…by our sitting President until this November when he is either re- elected, resoundingly defeated or by some fantastically and imagined technicality and gigantic signature simply declares himself king.

But hey…isn’t the economy great?!



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