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The Man Who Would Be King?

23 Aug

Alleged North Carolina Election Fraud Could Cause A Backlash For ...

This just in: The re-election campaign of President Donald Trump has sued New Jersey! And what did we do now? Well, it seems that our governor, a Democrat, has decided to mail a ballot to every voter in the state for this November’s elections because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The President’s filing made two charges – first, that Governor Murphy exercised power that belonged to the state legislature in changing the state’s election law, and second, that the changes “will violate eligible citizens’ right to vote.”

Getting a mail in ballot violates my right to vote?! How? By making it safer for me to vote? Or by making it easier for me to vote? Or by letting me vote from the comfort of my home instead of having me drive over to the Elks Lodge?

The President has said that the voting method (voting by mail) is susceptible to large-scale fraud, and I guess he should know since that is the only way that he and his family members ever vote. (You won’t catch him inside an Elks lodge that’s for sure)

But the experts (people that study elections and voting systems and measures throughout the country) say that voter fraud of any kind in the U.S.A. is extremely rare… and neither the President nor his family members nor any other person in Congress who has ever voted by mail has ever complained that their vote had been usurped, or lost or mismanaged or left uncounted or fraudulently hijacked or held hostage by the post office or by nefarious vote thieves or counterfeiters.

And New Jersey will use methods similar to what it employed for its primary vote in July, with improvements based on lessons learned then… and NJ residents who opt to go to their local polling places on Nov. 3 will do so in “provisional voting,” meaning they must use paper ballots, not voting machines so that officials can guard against duplicate voting.

Election officials in most states have encouraged at-home voting as the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus has made voting in person a concern, but President Trump’s re-election campaign and the national Republican Party this month also sued Nevada to block a law that will send a mail-in ballot to every voter before November’s election, saying it will result in “inevitable” voter fraud.

However our president has applauded and even encourages mail in ballots in places like Florida (where he now resides and votes) and other Republican leaning states as “safe and secure and reliable” but he never explains what makes their mail in voting better than New Jersey’s or more secure (they use the same postal service that we do don’t they?) or how we could make our voting system in NJ as safe and secure as theirs…

Nor does he explain exactly how or why he knows that we here in New Jersey are certain to cheat… and cheat against him and not for him? How would he know such a thing?

And if he does know then what is he doing about it? He is the President of the United States after all isn’t he? Why doesn’t he ask Florida to talk to New Jersey so they can help us be as safe and secure as they are? Is what they do a secret?

He has had four years since he last accused Americans (Democrats only) of voter fraud during a presidential election when he said that he knew that 3 to 5 million Americans (or not Americans?) voted illegally and all for the same person (who wasn’t him) and what has he done about it?

Did he overall our voting systems? Create a new state of the art fool proof voting machine? Locate and determine exactly where the cheating and fraud took place and by whom and how it was done?

Here he is in 2017 signing a gigantic Presidential executive order establishing The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, also called the Voter Fraud Commission, The Trump administration said the commission would review claims of voter fraud, improper registration, and voter suppression.

The commission followed through on previously discredited claims by Trump that millions of  illegal immigrants had voted in the 2016 presidential election, costing him the popular vote….But like all of President Trump’s “investigations” both before and after he was elected President, they did nothing of consequence and found nothing of consequence and by January 3rd of 2018 the commission was disbanded and their investigation was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security who…

Also turned up no voter fraud, cheating or illegality.

And even when the FBI, CIA, NSA and The department of Homeland Security all agreed that if anyone had tampered with our last Presidential election it was most certainly… Russia! His only effort to have them investigated was to ask President Putin if it were true. And when the president of Russia said no, that was the end of his investigation.

President Trump then posited that anyone could have done it! Even some fat guy in his mother’s basement in New Jersey…again with a NJ put down! (How many of these United States does the our president dislike anyway?) But did he even investigate that? Did he round up all of the fat guys in NJ or even bother to ask our former governor, Chris Christie, if he was the fat guy who did it?


But still our president maintains that should he somehow lose this year’s presidential election it could only be as the result of voter fraud and cheating. And so he continues, on a daily basis, to denigrate our voting system…that which makes America, America… and BTW that which made the world’s first great Democracy…

One that is now in serious danger of ending should he continue his all out assault on the founding principal that makes us who we are, and follow through with his promise to not accept the 2020 Presidential election results…unless of course he wins.

And so here in New Jersey, the 3rd great state to ratify this country’s constitution, we wait… to be insulted…verbally assaulted…and sued…by our sitting President until this November when he is either re- elected, resoundingly defeated or by some fantastically and imagined technicality and gigantic signature simply declares himself king.

But hey…isn’t the economy great?!


Are You a Citizen? Really?

15 Aug

What are your rights and responsibilities as an American citizen ...

As directed by the Constitution, a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older.

If you meet those requirements then you too can run for President or Vice President of the U.S.A.

To be a natural born citizen of the United States all you have to do is be born in the U.S.A.

Can you name the first President to qualify under those Constitutional conditions?

That would be President #8: Martin Van Buren! Does that make the first 7 frauds?

However On Thursday past, after Kamala Harris was selected by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to serve as his running mate, President Donald Trump once again gave credence to and elevated a new Republican conspiracy theory while speaking to reporters from the White House podium.

The new claim is that Ms. Harris is ineligible to serve as vice president or president because her mother is from India and her father is from Jamaica. Trump said he “heard” the California senator doesn’t meet the requirements, adding, “I have no idea if that’s right.”

Wow! The President of the United States has no idea what the requirements for being POTUS are? (I think that should be a requirement!)

Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, California on October 20th, 1964. And there is no dispute about that. That makes her a 55 year old natural born citizen and resident of the United States for the past 55 years and 9+ months…check…check…and check.

Doesn’t our president know that it matters not where her parents were born?

After all The President’s son’s mother was born in Slovenia and didn’t become a U.S. citizen until 2006, the same year in which she gave birth to their son Barron. He was born in March of 2006 and she became a citizen during that same year…although for some reason the exact date of her citizenship ceremony cannot be found on google.

Does that even matter? Do you care? But shouldn’t it at least be a date to celebrate and not hide? Maybe it’s just temporarily lost? Anyway, I digress.

Because when President Trump was asked directly about the social media posts claiming Ms. Harris is not eligible to run for VP he replied: “I heard it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements. And, by the way, the lawyer that wrote that piece is a very qualified, very talented lawyer.”

But which constitutional requirement does that “very talented” and “very qualified” lawyer say that she, Ms. Harris,  doesn’t meet?

So if she is not eligible, even though born in the U.S.A., simply because her parents were immigrants, then that  would of course mean that our president does not even believe that his own son is eligible to run for President or Vice President of the U.S. someday either… since he too has an immigrant mother!

Did you have anyone in your family who was born of immigrant parents? Like you or your parents or grand parents? Then if they were not natural born citizens they were giving birth to other non citizens and so on and so forth… that would lead to you and me and all of us eventually being non citizens too!

Gee, it’s getting so that being born in the U.S.A. doesn’t mean anything these days!



Beware the Payroll Tax Break!

14 Aug
Trump's Payroll-Tax Deferment Plan and Social Security - WSJ

In a recent interview, President Donald Trump said he won’t approve another COVID-19 stimulus package if it doesn’t include a payroll tax cut for workers…but what does this mean? Simply put, a suspension of payroll taxes would halt money being taken out of worker’s paychecks to pay for government programs like Social Security and Medicare.

However, the payroll “tax cut” would also put more money in the pockets of wealthier people, do absolutely nothing for the 37 million people who have lost their jobs in the last few weeks, and cut Social Security’s dedicated revenue.

Generally speaking, payroll taxes are split by the employer and the employee, with each paying 7.65 percent of the worker’s compensation for a total of 15.3 percent. In theory, this means that employers and employees would benefit from a payroll tax cut since both would enjoy similar savings.

But Self-employed people would benefit the most because they pay 12.4 percent of their pay toward Social Security and 2.9% for Medicare…and while many small businesses and self-employed workers are struggling right now, a payroll tax cut for all self-employed workers could largely benefit people who may not even need any financial help because Payroll taxes phase out for people after only $137,700 in personal income in 2020, so the potential savings for self-employed workers who may not even need it could be enormous.

And Businesses would also save money on payroll taxes whether they need the savings or not and a payroll tax cut for businesses across a company’s total workforce could lead to huge savings that would grow the bigger they are…for example Amazon pays over 2.4 billion dollars in payroll taxes. A payroll tax cut would result in tremendous savings for employers like Amazon.

It’s also likely that successful businesses would just pocket the savings and use the money to boost profits versus using the funds to hire more workers or grow their operations – especially if there is no demand for their products or they simply don’t need more workers. Why would a company hire someone if they don’t need the work due to no demand?

Unemployed workers (23% of the workforce since Covid-19 hit) don’t stand to gain anything from a payroll tax cut. Without employment, they aren’t currently paying payroll taxes anyway. Plus, those who’ve retired, stay at home, or are disabled, won’t get any benefits from this proposal either.

And while those “essential workers” who are still working do stand to benefit from a payroll tax cut, it won’t amount to very much money. If you are a worker earning $15 per hour and working 40 hours per week right now, a payroll tax cut would give you back 7.65 percent of your income. This only works out to around $46 per week or a little over $180 per month.

But most importantly Social Security and Medicare are the biggest losers in this scheme and stopping payments into each program only stands to exacerbate their ability to survive. Social Security is already expected to have to decrease payments to beneficiaries by 2035…when,  According to a  the most recent report on the status of Social Security and Medicare, only around 76 percent of promised benefits will be able to be paid out.

And If payroll taxes come to a halt this year and most likely beyond should the President get re-elected, (which he has promised BTW) it’s not hard to imagine how quickly the Social Security system and Medicare will… collapse completely

And just so you know: Today (August 13th) the unemployment rate in the U.S. is about 10.2% with over 16 million Americans filing for benefits…meanwhile the Dow Jones Industrial Average is again approaching 28,000 and has almost fully recovered from the Corona-virus downturn that began in March. Have you?

Our economic health basically has nothing to do with workers or people who are not wealthy. A new study released in late November by The Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program found that 44% of U.S. workers between the ages of 18 and 64 are in jobs that pay only median annual wages of $18,000… and The study noted that 53 million of these low-wage jobs were people in prime working-age of 25 to 54, not just recent high school or college graduates.

So cutting the Payroll tax means cutting Social Security and Medicare for all of these workers…forever! Make no mistake about it. You can’t save money for your retirement if you don’t save money for your retirement… and especially so if your employers are no longer matching  the amount that you are/were saving.

But that is not all of it!…Basically, the Social Security Administration is loaning money to the federal government, (currently 2.9 trillion dollars) which, in turn, pays interest to the Social Security program each year. (2.2%interest) For the federal government, this arrangement is incredibly beneficial because it means not having to rely on foreign countries to buy even more debt….and did I mention at ONLY 2.2% INTEREST!!!

Wait stop! We (working for wages people) get 2.2% interest on a 2.9 trillion dollar loan to the U.S. government?!!!! What if this were a college loan? We’d get 8%!!!! and the government could never legally renege on the loan. What if we were your average billionaire (Let’s say president Trump?) We’d get over 8% interest on an investment like that!!! Why? Because we’d be in control of our own investments and not being taken advantage of by a government of millionaires and billionaires who…wait for it…WORK FOR US!!!!

So Social Security is headed for insolvency because it is mis-managed… not because it doesn’t work. What about the Social Security Board of Trustees who oversee our program? Why don’t they put a stop to this government borrowing at ridiculous interest rates?

Well…There are six Trustees, four of whom serve by virtue of their positions in the Federal Government: the Secretary of the Treasury, (Steve Mnuchin: net worth 400 million) the Secretary of Labor, (Patrick Pizzella: net worth 5 million) the Secretary of Health and Human Services, (Alex Azar: net worth 15 million) and the Commissioner of Social Security (Andrew Saul: net worth 2 million)

The other two Trustees are public representatives (that’s good isn’t it?) appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by the Senate. And…wait for it… The two Public Trustee positions have been vacant since July 2015. (net worth?: 0)

Our country’s debt currently stands at 26.6 trillion dollars! (with a bullet upwards) It was 19.9 trillion dollars when President Obama left office less than 4 years ago. What will happen to our debt when the SS piggy bank is gone? And the Federal Government continues to borrow at a rate of at least 1.7+ trillion dollars more than it has per year?

Without the 2.9 trillion dollars that it practically steals from SS now and the 1.7 trillion that it doesn’t have to pay its bills to begin with, that would make for a 4.6 trillion dollar short fall every year!… Glorioski! Mr Money Bags!… I mean Daddy Public Bucks!

So let’s cut the payroll tax! Great idea huh? Sounds like the kind of idea a financial wizard would come up with to pay one’s debts, doesn’t it? Or rather maybe someone who has declared 6 business bankruptcies during the course of his life time?

So Beware the Payroll Tax Cut! It’s a con job! A payday loan! A scam!

And If you work for a living…rest assured…in the end, You’re really gonna get it!

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