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It’s All About That Base

7 Jan

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I don’t see what all the fuss is about. President Trump wants to build a wall along the entirety of our southern border and says that he can do it for about 20 billion dollars…give or take a few billion.

We already owe as a country almost 22 trillion dollars! (what time is it?) And I really don’t think we have any intention of paying all of that money back anyhow so what’s another 20 billion for a wall that will never be constructed anyway?

Last year the United States of America cut taxes by 1.5 trillion dollars so that the wealthiest Americans could have more money to trickle down on the rest of us and I really don’t think there will be any trickling down…do you? So that was a waste of 1.5 trillion dollars…why not waste some more?

Back during the President Bush (The 2nd) Presidency we gave away 700 billion dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy and all that did was wreck the economy which cost another 1 trillion dollars to fix. Remember that?

And we’ve been at war in the Middle East for the past 18 years, non-stop, and that has cost trillions more dollars…so many trillions in fact that no one seems to even bother to be counting how much it has cost. Do you know?

So we have been spending upwards of 10 trillion dollars over the last 2 decades for absolutely nothing in return and now we have to shut down the government for 20 billion dollars more? That’s like buying a restaurant on credit and then saying that you don’t have the money to eat there!

Besides all of that… if the 63 million voters who so enthusiastically voted for President Trump in 2016, and who danced and sang and cavorted and practically achieved orgasm to his most popular call and response of his Presidential campaign are so gung-ho about building this wall…why don’t they just pay for the damn thing!

Call:”What are we gonna build?” Response: “A Wall!” 

Call: “Who’s Gonna build that wall?” Response: “Mexico!” 

Which was Followed by this Cult-like chant:

“Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! “Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!”

To which I say: Since Mexico won’t pay for it and since you can’t make them pay for it then rather than make those of us (more than you by the way) who don’t want to pay for it: For only 317 dollars and 45 cents each you can build that wall! Yes, that’s right! If you voted for President Trump and you support the building of a solid 30 foot wall of concrete and steel along the 1 thousand, 9 hundred and 54 miles of the Mexican border with the United States then for the small price of 317 dollars and 45 cents, that wall can be yours.

And I do mean yours, because your money will go towards your own personalized brick, stone, steel rod, chunk or whatever, of wall, with your name on it in bright bold letters commemorating your donation to the security of the United Sates of America! And you can name it after yourselves too!

You don’t even have to include “United States” in it’s name. Just call it whatever you want! Take all of the credit…after all, it will be yours so have fun. Call it The Great Wall of___________________. (Fill in the blank)

Is that too much to ask? After all, you wanted it! You voted for it! You chanted it! You sang for it! You cheered, clapped, stomped, waved, laughed and danced for it! And now, since Mexico has declined to pay for any of it (we asked)… for only $317.45 it can be yours….and with all of your names on it!

And if you don’t have the money? Don’t worry! All credit cards will be accepted because just like the USA we don’t pay, so why should you?! So call now! And build that wall!

Disclaimer: There will be no wall. Most of the southern border with Mexico is already lined with various fences, walls, wire, re-barb and what have you and the hundreds of miles that are not fenced are mountainous, a giant river or land that we don’t own and aren’t likely to be able to purchase or confiscate without years and years of legislation, litigation,  law suits and court hearings (we do live in a democracy after all) So send your money at your own risk and don’t send it directly to President Trump because he will most likely use the money to pay his own bills (that is what he does…just sayin’ because he does that all the time) If you don’t have the cash or a valid credit card then just send a check for the full amount of $317.45 to the United States treasury and let it bounce. (just sayin’ because that is what you-know- who would do, because well, he has done that before too) We would ask the billionaires and giant corporations who benefited greatly from the last 2 Republican tax breaks to pay for this wall (wink, wink, there will be no wall) but they did not get to be billionaires and giant corporations by spending their own money on crap like this, now did they? Should you decide not to contribute to this wall or any other wall after you have sent in your money because you realize that you can’t afford it we recommend that you simply declare bankruptcy because…well, you know, yada, yada, he, you know who, does it all the time…and if you really want every American taxpayer to pay for this wall because you believe it is for the greater good whether everyone agrees or not and that everyone should share in paying for what you know to be best for the country then remember your stance on healthcare in America and how you opposed it because it was Socialism… so send in your check or not because it’s all going on the tab anyway and by the time you’ve finished reading this disclaimer another 20 billion has been added to the national debt anyhow for crap that Halliburton, Raytheon, ExxonMobil, Lockheed Martin and the Pentagon have just ordered, so chillax. (yes, it’s in the dictionary)…(now are you chillaxing?)…(that’s in the dictionary too)

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