POTUS Golfed While Hawaii Panicked

16 Jan

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It was once said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Not because Nero wasn’t fond of Rome or his job as Emperor but because he wasn’t that much interested in the part of Rome that was burning…or so they say.

These days it’s kind of hard to know what it is that our 45th president believes in or likes, besides himself of course, because he is constantly changing his tune and then denying that he has been listening to any music at all.. but as for the people in the state of Hawaii last Saturday morning their belief and faith in our American infrastructure was shaken to the core.

Apparently a low level state worker was given the task of being text messenger in chief and then mistakenly sent a text (on his own authority?) to every cell phone in the state of Hawaii warning that a ballistic missile was on its way…and with the caveat of “this is not a drill!” as its final sentence…even, well…Everyone knows what that means!!!!

Hawaiians throughout the islands took to their basements and bathtubs because…well, where would you go? If you are as old as I am then you remember being told to hide under your desks at school for safety (as though a desk would save you?) but of course now here in 2018 we have a much more advanced civil defense system in the USA. If you check with your local town, county or state authority you’ll find that your designated civil defense shelter is…wait for it…A SCHOOL!… Hello desk, remember me? May I hide under you again?

Go ahead and check it out. Unless you have your own bunker under your flower garden, when it comes to nuclear defense we are all shit out of luck! Or is that shit hole out of luck? Or is it Shit house? That’s what our president and his crack team of experts are debating now-a-days, not nuclear solutions nor civil defense and not even civility for that matter!

Although if you did have a shit house in your back yard, you’d have a shit hole too, so at least you could hide in there because…it is a hole in the ground and much better than a desk for cover.

Anyway, Hawaiians wouldn’t have been in such a panic if the POTUS hadn’t been picking a fight with the world’s latest nuclear power all last year. Rather than try to strike a deal to get North Korea to do something else besides make nuclear weapons (Remember how much we hated President Obama’s deal with Iran to put the brakes on their nuclear program because it made us look weak?) President Trump has been insulting and demeaning and threatening their supreme leader which has only helped to egg him on into working more supremely to build a more supreme nuclear arsenal…and to try and make his button as big as President Trump’s button! (Now there’s a wonderful thought)

Although really, if they both wanted to be such tough guys they should have their little red buttons re-tooled into big red poles or rods rising out of their desks so they could simply reach out and quickly stroke a few times to set their nation’s missiles into flight. The more strokes…the more missiles! Much more appropriate for macho men at work, don’t you think?

But My favorite presidential line however, was when President Trump was asked about how he thought the nuclear crisis with North Korea was going to work itself out and he replied, ” That’s a pretty difficult situation. Who knows what’s going to happen there.”

Say what??? Who knows??? About a potential nuclear exchange with a foreign adversary???? Those are pretty reassuring words from the President of the United States aren’t they? No wonder the citizens of Hawaii were freaking out and most likely crapping in their pants before even getting to their shit holes. But at least our POTUS was safely working on his own holes at the time…on his golf course that is.

What if this snafu had happened during a weekday and he had been watching Fox and Friends at the time? (assuming it was during his “executive” hour)  He’d probably still be under his bed tweeting something like: “Don’t panic America. At least it’s only Hawaii where Obama was born and not actually part of the USA! Blame the Dems!”

But the real lesson in all of this is that our infrastructure sucks…from top to bottom…from the least tweeter-er to the big Twitter-er at the top! We may have all mastered the technology to gab, play on and use our precious smart phones but when it comes to what we should do in a life or death (and nuclear) situation? After 7 decades of nuclear proliferation?…It’s go hide in the crapper!

So, Goodnight America…After all, tomorrow is another day!




One Response to “POTUS Golfed While Hawaii Panicked”

  1. ranu802 January 16, 2018 at 11:43 am #

    Your thoughts are wonderful, it does help the supporters and non who and what they’re dealing with. It’s time everyone else gave this a serious thought.

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