The Government We Deserve

15 Feb

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In Florida, state officials recently released a report showing that more than 161,000 of the voters casting a ballot in the 2016 presidential election did not cast a valid vote for president!… And the rate of invalid votes for president in 2016 was more than double the rate it was in 2012 and 2008.

That number includes those who wrote another name on the ballot, like Mickey Mouse, or Bart Simpson and then voted for those “joke” candidates. Others simply left the ballot blank. And still others decided to vote for more than one candidate thereby making their vote invalid.

And when you consider that Republican Donald Trump won Florida and its 29 electoral votes by just about 113,000 votes, then those 161,000 wasted votes might have made a big difference in the outcome.

But when you consider the fact that here in the United States, according to The Elections Project, there are 251,107,404 Americans who classify as members of the voting-age population, but 2.5 percent of those Americans or 3.2 million people are ineligible to vote because they are felons…And of the 248 million or so voting-age Americans left, only about 200 million are registered to vote… and of those 200 million only 138,884,643 Americans voted.

That means that 46.3% of all voting-age Americans did not cast a ballot during the 2016 elections. That’s almost half! That’s 144 million Americans who couldn’t or wouldn’t vote or who wasted their vote!

But it gets worse because while the top vote getter for the Presidency of the United States received close to 66 million votes, that was only 26% of all potential US voters…but that person lost the presidential election to someone who received 3 million fewer votes! Which represents only 25% of all voting-age Americans!…

So what gives! Americans today, in the greatest democracy ever invented, refuse to vote. 1/2 of them just can’t be bothered about going to the polls to choose a leader or they go there and then vote for a cartoon character for shits and giggles… Apparently, for most citizens, It’s just not a big deal.

And our leaders, AKA those already in political leadership positions, don’t try to make it any easier for Americans to vote either. In fact they try to make it harder each year by adding more voting rules, regulations, and restrictions, eliminating already registered voters from the voting roles, and gerrymandering more districts in favor of one party so as to render more votes insignificant…And besides all that it all comes down to only 538 elected electors (out of 330 million citizens) voting for the POTUS anyway!

So here we are living in a wonderful, free and democratic society where citizens don’t want to vote and our political leaders don’t want them to vote and their votes pretty much don’t count anyway! Is this anyway to run a democracy?

So I ask you: With a convoluted system like this and a disinterested electorate like ours, Is it any wonder that after only 241 years of Independence we now have our own “Mad King George” and his merry court of unqualified sycophants running the country?

And perhaps I should add: What took us so long?!





5 Responses to “The Government We Deserve”

  1. helen meikle's scribblefest February 15, 2017 at 11:07 pm #

    …’ in the greatest democracy ever invented…’ ? A few other democratic nations might argue with that.

  2. Satin Sheet Diva February 16, 2017 at 1:22 pm #

    Reblogged this on Dana Ellington, MAPW and commented:
    (speechless – I’ve got to learn more about voting in this country) Well written and eye opening. Check it out.

  3. ellenbest24 February 16, 2017 at 1:49 pm #

    The opinion of a mad English woman who watches with interest from the relative safety of her armchair in Englands green and pleasant land. Maybe they seen your last president thwarted so many times, that they realised, whoever became president would have little or no power anyway so … what the ****. Just a thought, maybe my thought is an intrusion an unwanted opinion… if so delete and we will pretend I never poked my nose in where I wouldn’t normally. Please have a nice day, i hope i haven’t offended, it isn’t my plan.

  4. emmylgant February 16, 2017 at 4:39 pm #

    It is clear to me that the low voters turn out reflects a disconnection of the people with their government’s evolution. They are not listened to. They get dragged into wars they don’t want, the lobby system wins, not the people. Could we look at this phenomenon as a voters strike?
    I am a democrat at heart. But when my representatives constantly ask me for money to help them block a legislation and fail to articulate an alternative, they are not doing their job. It’s more about funding the next campaign. If elections boil down to money and no new ideas for governance in a rapidly changing world where the values of humanism have little or no place, where maintaining a status quo that is dysfunctional is the only offer on the table, the people feel powerless and ignored. Why should they vote for something/somebody that is not looking out for their interest? Our Public Servants are not serving, they are taking and self serving.
    So in my view, voting for Mickey mouse or casting a blank ballot after waiting in line, jumping through hoops to be allowed to participate in a democratic process that boils down to an electoral college is a resounding rejection of our elaborate system that is no longer of the people, for the people and by the people.

  5. silentlyheardonce February 20, 2017 at 10:55 am #

    Now they learned a hard lesson.

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