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CNN You Later!

11 Jan


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Donald Trump gave his first press conference as President-Elect of the United States today…And FYI,  if you own stock in CNN you might want to consider selling. He called them a fake news agency that only reports fake news and then he refused to take a question from the CNN reporter in attendance because…well, you know, he was fake? Anyway, Sell! Sell! Sell!

He also accused the Intelligence Agency (all of them) of being non-intelligent (again) and likened their behavior to Nazi behavior (that’s pretty bad) because they leaked an unverified report that was supposed to be for his eyes only (or at least very few eyes)

Mr. Trump does not like the US Intelligence Agencies that we have and he does not believe much of what they tell him so this could be a problem for the future intelligence of just about everyone.

On a positive note Mr. Trump promised that more companies and jobs would be staying in the U.S. because he would get tough with any companies that try to move outside of the United States. That sounds like a very good thing and something that is hard to argue with…and seriously, why would anyone want to try?

But rather perplexingly he noted that lots of jobs were needed because 93 million Americans were out of work. That’s a lot of Americans or about 1/3 of all of the legal Americans in the USA. And if you subtract children and the elderly then 93 million American job seekers would be equal to roughly 1/2 of all citizens in the U.S.

1 out of 2 Americans are out of work? That sounds like a lot to me…and surely something that we would have noticed.

But President-elect Trump did promise that Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) would be repealed immediately upon his taking office. And on another positive note he promised to “almost simultaneously” replace it with a much better healthcare plan that would save everyone money and offer better care.

I cannot argue with that and am looking forward to it as I am sure everyone is. This is a no brainer because we will all easily be able to tell if our healthcare is better by checking our own bills and by asking our loved ones who are going to lose their ACA insurance policies, (and I’m sure you probably know one) if they have been replaced with better insurance policies. However, I must point out that one should never use the words almost and simultaneously in the same sentence and especially not in juxtaposition…so we’ll see.

PE Trump has also promised to bring down drug (pharmaceutical) prices. That’s good! And to immediately begin building the great wall of Mexico with U.S. funds. That’s bad! But Mexico will pay for it later after he negotiates with them. That’s confusing! Because I’m not paying for the fence my neighbor puts up on his property. Not now. Not ever. So we’ll have to wish ourselves luck with that one…maybe a wall crossing toll?

Mr. Trump has also placed his various and expansive business interests in a blind trust that he explained would be blind because when his sons make business deals on his behalf with the business that he is giving to them, rather than divest it from his interest, he simply will not look…just like we cannot look at his taxes which he says no one wants to look at anyway.

I want to look. How about you? I’m just curious to see how much he really makes and how much he pays in taxes. Especially after today when he told us that his holdings are Humongous and World Wide! (Except Russia…Nyet) And from what I know about Mr. Trump he would really, really, really want show us if there was really something good for us to see in his tax returns. Am I wrong? He says that he wants to show us but he is being audited by the IRS and so he can’t. The IRS for some reason can’t verify or deny that claim but they did say that being audited does not prevent anyone from showing their tax returns to anyone else.

I’ve been audited. Maybe you have too. And it doesn’t take that long believe me. The IRS gives you a deadline and if you don’t meet it you’re in the shit. So it moves along quite quickly. The IRS is not the DMV that’s for sure so I’m pretty sure PE Trump is lying to us about this one.

But then again Hillary and her Emails! So maybe we can have 9 Congressional inquiries and hearings to get to the bottom of Mr. Trumps’ taxes… but it looks doubtful.

In conclusion, President-elect Trump gave a very entertaining press conference filled with suspense, accusations, humor, anger, lawyers, bales of paper and infotainment…and boy was it better than any episode of The Apprentice! Which is good news for television networks, television viewers and probably even televisions, everywhere…

So America, let the show go on!…Can we stop it?




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