The Desperate Ones

19 Sep

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I keep hearing this all of the time these days: “The American public is desperate and that’s why they are going to vote for Donald Trump.”

But who are these desperate Americans…these Desperadoes? Current literature indicates that desperado is derived from the Spanish term desesperado which means a person with no hope. So are there that many Americans who are feeling hopeless in America today? So much so that they see Donald Trump as their only hope to save a ruined America?

And is America in ruins? Here where I live, in white, suburban, New Jerseyed, America most of my white friends say that’s exactly how they feel, “Hopeless and ruined” …and they say this on Facebook and out-loud almost everyday and as often as they can.

Right after they wake up in their big suburban houses with affordable, almost paid-off mortgages and manicured lawns and with a big cup of $10 Starbucks in their hand they like to say, “Just look around. The USA is going to hell in a hand-basket!”

Then they are off to play golf or hangout at the local gym where they like to kibitz about how all of their money is being wasted on needless taxes to pay for entitlement programs and the poor.

Later, while washing their shiny new car, which they like to replace with a newer model every 3 years or so, they’re happy to chew your ear off about how ISIS is destroying the world and embarrassing our military and keeping us from getting more oil for our gas guzzling cars…but they’ll leave out the guzzling part.

On Facebook they love to post photos of their summer vacation in Cancun where the weather was beautiful, the people friendly and the prices cheap. Then their next post will explain exactly why we need a nice big wall built on the border to keep those personable yet pesky Mexicans from visiting us here. “Because they’re no good, lazy job destroyers!” (however, they do possess just enough energy for raping and murdering)

My desperate, white, American friends also like to tell me how illegal immigrants are taking all of the good American jobs, while destroying the American way of life and contributing nothing to our society…and they often say this right after the Spanish-American army has just finished roofing their houses, mowing their lawns, cleaning their homes and picking up after their children.

Many of my friends are also desperate for a return to the rule of law and for fair and balanced justice for all Americans! And as soon as they get it they want Hillary and Obama arrested and imprisoned immediately and without warrant or charges because that’s how it should be done in an America that needs to become great…again!

Yes, all of the Trump supporters that I know are very desperate… but what they are truly desperate about or for is hard to figure out, since they already appear to have just about everything they want or need.

What I do know however, is that should Trump be elected president then the truly desperate ones in America will have less than they have now. I know this because the Republicans have already told us their plans…and Donal Trump is indeed a Republican and one who will see to it that the Supreme Court will be as Republican as the Senate and House of Representatives already are.

And so in a completely Republican America what we know will happen is:

The hungry will become hungrier. The poor will be made poorer. The homeless will remain without homes. The unions will diminish. The pensions will disappear. Women will lose rights to control their own bodies. Those who need healthcare will lose what healthcare they have now. Those who are now married in what some feel is an nontraditional way will find themselves un-married. Higher education will grow more expensive and be out of reach for most Americans. The planet will grow hotter still… And last but not least, The 1%  at the top of the income ladder will grow richer and with no regulation, while the other 1%, at the bottom of the income ladder, will do all of the fighting in far away countries and with no respite.

We know all of this because that is what is in the Republican platform…which you can actually read if you’d like, on the internet. And Donald Trump is, after all, no savior…just Republican.

So if it is not for restoring an old white man and old white values to the Presidency of the United States of America then what pray tell, are the self proclaimed desperate ones really so desperate for? Can anyone out there honestly tell me?




8 Responses to “The Desperate Ones”

  1. ruminationville September 19, 2016 at 11:49 pm #

    What an excellent piece! Thank you.

  2. GP Cox September 20, 2016 at 11:03 am #

    Do you really think getting the Clinton couple back in office will solve anything this time around? I’m not decided on who I’ll vote for, but her lying to investigators, now and earlier in her career – his lying…. Frankly – we’re in trouble these days.

    • gpicone September 22, 2016 at 12:03 am #

      Maybe, maybe not, but if we let all 4 branches of government go to the Republicans we will have tyranny as our solution to government and then just one gigantic problem will remain that we may never recover from.

      • GP Cox September 22, 2016 at 10:35 am #

        You can’t really believe that, I hope. FDR got us into WWII; Truman was Korea; JFK and LBJ loved Nam – and you think the Republicans are Hawks?

  3. drshyamalavatsa September 22, 2016 at 6:44 am #

    I’ve been following your election like many non-Americans and I find it incredible that you’re saddled with these two to choose from. All I can say is that Hilary maybe better if only because she is a career politician and less likely to be reckless, though she might damage the country in other ways like by not protecting sensitive emails, as the press says. Hopefully, she’ll be more careful if elected.

    • gpicone September 24, 2016 at 3:18 am #

      The tyranny I’m talking about is the tyranny of corporations as people and money as speech. The tyranny of fewer rights for women as though they are lesser creatures then men. The tyranny of stop and frisk nation wide for certain citizens while others may carry weapons open and freely. The tyranny of mass deportation and wall building. These were
      the tyrannies that my father and yours fought against during WWII and now they may become American policy? Is that what America now needs and has been missing or deserves…And as for war. We’ve been at war for over 13 years across two political parties against 2 countries that have neither governments nor armies. That is unprecedented in the history of the United States and I am afraid that we will be at war forever because we have managed war into a very rewarding business for all but the US soldier and our enemies of course…something I do believe Ike warned us about 56 years ago.

      • drshyamalavatsa September 26, 2016 at 5:02 am #

        I’m too overcome to write a sensible reply. Besides, It would have to be a very long one…
        I live in India, with Pakistan for a neighbour. Pakistan is China’s stooge and everything that’s happening is at the behest of China, in the service of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the route to Gwadar port in Balochistan. Our prime minister has now thrown a spanner in the works by instigating the Baloch people, hence the attacks on the army base in Uri, Kashmir. At least, this is how it looks to us Indians. We have virtually no friends as Russia is suspicious of us because of our improved relations with America, and America has been sending aid to Pakistan for decades and it is all being used against us. And for reasons that many ordinary Indians do not understand, Pakistan seems to have some hold over America. And the latest news is that the nuclear tests conducted in North Korea are actually Pak nukes being tested there because there’s some deal (with the US?) that disallows them to conduct nuclear tests on their territory! I fear for America if Trump becomes president not only for the reasons you have outlined, but also because America is (was?) one power that other countries used to listen to. Countries could be induced to toe the line by imposing sanctions. Now, with China flexing its muscle on the world stage and rogue nations like Pakistan aligning with them and with Russia, I’m so afraid for my children’s generation.

  4. drshyamalavatsa September 26, 2016 at 6:07 am #

    Quoting you, “We’ve been at war for over 13 years across two political parties against 2 countries that have neither governments nor armies.”

    The world looked up to you, relied on you to be a fair arbitrator after the cold war ended. You all lost credibility, respect, authority and the moral high ground because of these wars. Trump as president may add to this damage, going by his incoherent utterances. Obama is respected, but his term is ending. We know he inherited the war mess and did what he could.

    “The tyranny of stop and frisk nation wide for certain citizens while others may carry weapons open and freely.”

    Immigration authorities are polite to us but we do sense their wariness, which wasn’t the case before. But we understand that you don’t have a choice. I have read all your posts on the gun control conundrum, but I have no conclusion.

    “I am afraid that we will be at war forever because we have managed war into a very rewarding business for all but the US soldier and our enemies of course.”

    It is referred to euphemistically as geopolitics by the media, implying wars are necessary for controlling oil reserves, etc. The death of soldiers, beloved young sons of citizens, is collateral damage.

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