Insult to Injury

24 Jul

The war on poverty here in the United States continues. And I don’t mean a war as in trying to fight poverty and end it…I mean a war as in, we are fighting poor people and making their lives more miserable than they already are…

Case in point: According to a recent report in USA Today, since November 2009, when Republican Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona announced that her state would test adult welfare recipients if they felt like there was a “reasonable cause” to believe they were getting high, more than 87,000 welfare recipients have been tested.

And the total number of drug cheats caught was exactly…wait for it… one!

When they threw that person off the welfare roles, that saved the state $560. But at 500 dollars per test that’s 43 million 500 thousand dollars spent in order to save…wait for it…560 dollars! That’s a net loss of 43,499,440 taxpayer dollars! And not one person fed, clothed or housed…just hosed.

And when you consider that Governor Brewer promised over 1.7 million dollars in savings from the program because, as we all have been told, and certainly as all Republicans positively know, almost everyone on welfare uses their welfare check to buy drugs…don’t they?

But they don’t!

The fact of the matter is that people who are poor need the money to make ends meet and to pay for the basic necessities of life like housing and food and clothes and such. Poor folks are too busy just trying to survive and don’t have the desire nor the recreational time to get involved in drugs… like I guess the people who govern us do while they sit around dreaming up these truly needless and wasteful programs, born out of their overly suspicious and hateful minds.

Spending over 43 million taxpayer dollars in order to save taxpayers 550 dollars?! And not an apology in sight?! Nor an admittance of guilt, shame or malfeasance on the Arizona Republican government’s part in this insulting and misguided fiasco?!

Instead, wouldn’t you know that six other states have implemented similar programs since 2009. And when Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, announced his presidential candidacy last week, what did he say would be one of his priorities if elected president?… Wait for it…

All welfare recipients will be required to pass a drug test prior to collecting public assistance benefits!

What we need to do in this country is have all Republicans drug tested! Because even when confronted with the facts,  shown the results of their own failed policies and forced to come face to face with the fallacies of their erroneous beliefs…they continue to do and say and believe the same things…and with more vim and vigor then before!

If that isn’t a sure sign of drug abuse let alone insanity… then I’m Ronald Reagan!

4 Responses to “Insult to Injury”

  1. RAB July 24, 2015 at 3:02 am #

    The programs are very successful: they SHAME THE POOR, always such a plus, and PUT MONEY IN THE POCKETS OF DRUG-TESTING COMPANIES, many of which are owned by supporters of, wait for it, the “lawmakers” who passed the law requiring the drug tests. As an added plus, millions of dollars of public money that won’t be going to any programs that might actually IMPROVE someone’s life. So, WIN-WIN-WIN. The Republican Party has become the party of MEAN and GREEDY. (Sorry for all the capital letters…I’m just SO fed up!)

  2. onnovocks July 24, 2015 at 5:08 am #

    Convincing republicans that their policies are not conservative is an exercise in futility. Too bad it’s not a laughing matter, your posts are well written with a wonderful biting sense of humor!

  3. jacquelineobyikocha July 24, 2015 at 6:38 am #

    These policies really border on ridiculous. It just beats one’s imagination to read of such stupidity. I think they should be made to give a proper account the funds that they fritter away; that is if they are not made to pay it back. I think these politicians should be tested first. Drugging is not a cheap habit, and a lot of poor people are too poor to keep up with such an expensive habit.

  4. ranu802 July 24, 2015 at 10:23 am #

    It’s terrible to know that the government is spending millions to save $500: 00. I guess Math. wasn’t their favorite subject in school. Thank you for posting this, it will help those who are unsure of which party should be voted in.

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