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Deserve’s Got Nothin’ To Do With it?

4 Mar

They say that “you can’t make this stuff up”, but sadly no one should have to, because it wouldn’t be funny even then. And even sadder is the fact that “this stuff” should be more criminal than we make it out to be comical…

The Republican Congress now controls both the Senate and the House of Representatives and they have vowed to follow the people’s mandate and finally get some real business done around the Capital and give the American people what they want! Which is: The repeal of medical care for those Americans who once didn’t have it but have it now. The return of freedom to banks and money lenders to wreak havoc on the U.S. financial system as they once did way back in 2008. And the reduction of pension benefits for millions of Americans who are currently retired after having worked hard and faithfully for many years.

These are the things that you want and have been begging for ever since President Obama was mysteriously elected twice over the past 6 years. Isn’t that so America?

Well you are getting it all right. And the Republicans are happy to serve, for now they have come up with an even better way to scare the shit out of us all just to undo something that our president has done. The president has issued an executive order that would create a new program of deferrals for approximately 4 million undocumented parents of American citizens or legal permanent residents, who have been in the country for at least five years. Deferrals would include authorization to work and would be granted for three years at a time. It would also expand a program created by the administration in 2012 called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which allows young people who were brought into the country as children to apply for deportation deferrals and work permits.

That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? It seems to me more like a compassionate response to a problem that has been lingering for quite some time in our country but to which the Republicans (and you?) are opposed. The Republicans are mad because the president took “executive action” and circumvented the Republican Congress and their immigration plan. And their plan is? They don’t have a plan. Apparently because their corporate overloads haven’t given it to them yet… but, I digress…

So what have the Republicans chosen to do? They have decided that if President Obama’s executive orders are not undone then they will refuse to fund the Department of Homeland Security which as irony would have it, is the agency responsible for protecting our borders from…you guessed it…allowing aliens to cross our borders illegally. When asked if this Republican policy of possibly shutting down the DOHS could lead to making our nation less safe, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner replied, “if ifs and buts were candy and nuts every day would be Christmas.”

Do you find that in the least bit funny, America? How about if you were a member of a terrorist organization? You might find a statement like that quite encouraging. Perhaps even rush some of your most fanatical extremists to our borders…just in case “Christmas” comes early?  What do you think? Is this a “you can’t make this stuff up” kinda moment or more like a “Get your moronic orange head out of the tanning salon you idiot and do something constructive! Or your fired!” kinda moment?

But here we sit…a captive audience in our cartoon world. Our political system is so broken that one of the foremost leaders of the free world…third in line to the Presidency of the United States…can be faced with a problem of utmost importance to the citizens whom he serves, shamelessly do nothing and then arrogantly mock us not only in a most literal sense… but figuratively as well!

It has been said that in a democracy, people get the government they deserve…but I ask you: What did we ever do to deserve this?!

The Unbearable Lightness of Knowing

1 Mar

Isn’t it ironic that for the past two decades, the trend in local, state and federal education policies has been to require more and more standardized tests as a way to establish common benchmarks of achievement and to hold public schools accountable for their student’s progress, while at the same time our nation’s politicians have become more and more ill informed and moronic when it comes to matters of common sense and common knowledge?

All of this testing ad nauseam to try and create a more informed and well educated populace and yet we now have a veritable gaggle of political leaders and representatives…Congressmen and state officials… who quite literally don’t know their asses from their elbows.

In Idaho a lawmaker thinks that if a woman swallows a pill it might end up in her vagina!

In Nevada an Assemblywoman believes that cancer is a fungus that can be flushed away with salt water and baking soda and wants to change federal law so this procedure can finally be made available to Americans!

There was a former Congressman who believes in “legitimate rape” and a woman’s natural ability to stop pregnancy while being “legitimately raped”!

How about the US Representative from Illinois who said that reducing our nation’s carbon dioxide output would be a bad thing because it would take plant food from the air!

We have Governors and Senators who believe that vaccinations may not be such a good thing when it comes to the future of the public’s health and well being!

Or there was the Texas Representative who thinks that wind is God’s way of balancing heat and that wind farms would only serve to “use up” all of that wind and make the Earth hotter!

Or our current Speaker of the House, who said that carbon dioxide can’t be a bad thing because every time we exhale we make more, just like cows do!

Or a Vice Presidential candidate who came very close to being elected, who proudly asserted that she could see Russia from her house in Alaska!

Or the Senate committee member who wanted to know what all the fuss was about the polar ice cap melting, because when the ice in his glass of water melts it never overflows!

And no longer can basic scientific principles that were taught in the public schools when I was a youngster 50 years ago be taken for granted in today’s hallowed halls of government. They must now be open for debate with these morons mentioned above and other political mental midgets, as though their resurgent medieval beliefs that were once and for all, finally and forever discredited as superstitions, myths and old wives’ tales, are now possible legitimate alternatives to actual learning!

So why bother testing America’s public school students on everything when we don’t test America’s leaders on anything? The only qualifications for public office in this country are citizenship and age!

Idiocy, ignorance and inanity disqualify no one from holding public office! They won’t even get you removed from public office. Try threatening to shut down your place of business every few months while accomplishing absolutely nothing in between and see how long you stay employed…but in our government that is absolutely no problem.

Why study and pass tests in school when all you have to do after graduation is suck up to one of our corporate overlords, take their money and promise to do their bidding? You can be as foolish, inept and irresponsible as you please!

So children of America: stop studying and stop taking those ridiculous tests! Rather you should emulate your country’s esteemed leaders and take a bribe from whoever is offering one then go shoot hoops or cheer-lead…

for knowledge no longer seems to represent power in America…All knowledge seems to represent today is an alternative way of thinking.

If we are not going to hold our politicians and potential leaders up to higher standards, and if they also believe that as American leaders and role models they need not exude intelligence, nor radiate knowledge about that which they have been elected to oversee in front of an electorate, before whom they are constantly expected to speak, then why should they be allowed to demand higher standards of our children?


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