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25 Mar

Well it’s getting to be that time again… so…

Can anybody please tell me why God doesn’t speak to anyone anymore with any more instructions as to what we should do as a people here on Earth? No one has written anything authored by God in over a thousand years… except perhaps for Joseph Smith who was visited by Moroni, an angel who helped him discover the invisible plates of New York State? So why won’t God communicate with us now that we can all hear and record his voice and words so as not to mistake his message?

All of our scripture consists of what someone said they heard from God when no one else was around, and most everyone else was illiterate. Then it was written down over centuries by others who said they remembered or heard what was told to them, and then we know that it was further edited and reworded and altered over hundreds of years more before printing, and thus some tangible and corroborative proof of its existence as a text, was even invented.

After that labyrinthine process, how can anyone call whatever book they believe in, the indisputable “word” or “words” of God, a supposedly infallible and supreme being of intelligence and love? The entire process sounds no more intelligent then what must now go on in the editorial rooms of Fox News…

What kind of way is that for a supreme being to show off his intelligence, infallibility and supremeness?

To have faith is one thing…but to have faith in a supreme being who had no more sense or regard for his audience than say, a Rupert Murdoch does now, isn’t very inspiring of either faith or god. Is it?

God could have delivered an actual book couldn’t he? And updated with another revised edition each year or so like even the phone company or Sears does, could he not? And doing so before books were even invented would have been really awe and faith inspiring… don’t you think?

But we have faith that he decided to avoid mass communication with all of the sophisticated civilizations throughout time and rather enjoyed whispering his words of instruction and obedience to the outlying, marginal and unlettered people of the world so as to watch the spread of his message slowly throughout the convoluted march of time, altercation and war until…when?…Hell freezes over?

Common God! At the risk of blaspheming, If you’re out there, I have faith that you can do better. We need some new words please. Ones that none of us can miss, mistake or misinterpret. And we need them now… Word!


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