If “Office Gossip” Were a Full Time Job…

23 Nov

Which apparently it is!

House Republicans announced on Friday that a two-year investigation determined the Obama administration responded appropriately to 2012’s attack on the Benghazi consulate.

Wow! “All that education for nothing.”

The report issued by the Republican-led House Select Committee on Intelligence found no intelligence failure prior to the attacks, no evidence that the White House told the military to stand down during the attack and no evidence that the CIA was involved in related arms shipments.

So all of those accusations, allegations, charges, threatened lawsuits and indictments, internet E-mailings, countless hours of television punditry and politicians’ feigned indignation, denunciations, complaints, calls for impeachment, hand wringing over the demise of our country’s great tradition of integrity within the presidency…after all of that pretended nonsense…the truth is finally revealed without so much as a shout or a fanfare. 2 years devoted to bullshitting and 2 minutes devoted to truth telling.

And the report concluded that there was no, not and never a purposeful attempt from the White House to mislead.

The report did, however, find that the consulate was inadequately protected. Which the Republicans should have known without an investigation since they voted to cut the State Department budget, which includes financing for diplomatic security.

It should also be noted that The report on the Benghazi attack took thousands of hours of work in Congress.

Nice work…if you can get it…huh?… Now if only we could find a Congress that worked!

4 Responses to “If “Office Gossip” Were a Full Time Job…”

  1. RAB November 23, 2014 at 10:22 pm #

    Well, nice to know they were doing SOMETHING all that time. Well-controlled rage, sir!

  2. avwalters November 24, 2014 at 2:15 am #

    Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…oh, nevermind….

  3. A Voice November 24, 2014 at 4:10 am #

    Do you recall the Congressman that was making a big deal out of how the embassy needed to be protected after the fact but, earlier in the year (of the attack), if I recall correctly, they stood up to decry the wasted funds and specifically in that embassy?

    It seems that the only thing that is going to really be flying at Clinton are old issues that are of either marginal or no relevance, things like Whitewater, her position on the Iraq clusterfuck and President Clinton being considered a very charming whore. Somehow I don’t think that any of it will stick or truly matter.

    Congressional waste is a genuinely remarkable thing and it should be mortifying for anyone with a brain. Nevermind how hard doing the job would actually be if they did the job, these people are very well taken care of and have the audacity to complain about people ‘on the System’. I’ve seen a number of examples of people truly gaming ‘the System’ but never close to the extent of the last few Congresses. It’s like a fucking art form.

    And now the President is being sued because…well, fuck it, right? He’s either been blocked nearly from all sides while trying to be diplomatic and then told he’s doing nothing. He calls the order to take on bin Laden -anyone else remember McCain saying he knows how to find him and the content of that debate?- and somehow receives precious little praise. He takes executive actions because there’s been a years-long history of inaction and blatant obstructionism and now, BAM, it’s time to sue one of the few people in DC actually intent on doing their job.

    This analogy is going to limp a bit but, I think, it’s fair to say that Kennedy and Obama have something real in common: their Presidencies could have been brilliant if they were actually allowed to be President. There’s some unpacking required there, of course, but I think we’re all able to pull that apart here.

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