Suit Up!

26 Sep

I think that women need a uniform. That’s what all men have. Think about it: Whenever a man has something important to do he puts on a suit. He doesn’t even have to think about it. He knows when it’s time for a suit or not…An important job? An interview? Appearing before the public? Going to a wedding? Appearing on television? Getting married? You name it. If it’s important. Men just put on a suit. The only thing men have to think about is what color? (if you have more than one suit of course)… And which tie?… Those are our only decisions.

But women?…What do I wear? Dress? Skirt? How long? Pants? Top? Which one? Which kind? Earrings? Necklace? Hair?!!!

And then, how much skin do I show? Legs? Arms? Breasts? What’s appropriate? What’s appealing? What’s naughty…or nice? What statement will I be making with my clothing? What will people think of me? Will they find me attractive? Or, god forbid…Un? This kind of decision making has to not only be difficult and nerve wracking for women but is also completely unfair.

But for men? Just suit up! It’s our uniform for what’s important. And men don’t have to worry about what kind of suit to wear like…Should I wear the one that shows more of my chest? Or go with short sleeves…maybe sleeveless? Maybe wear the short pants with that jacket? Nope! It’s a suit! There’s only One kind…and it fits all!

That’s what women need for when they have to go out and do serious business, wherever, whenever and whatever…just like men. When men dress for success all we show are hands and faces. That’s all we have to worry about.

But without their own uniform…uniform, it seems to me that women are at a decided disadvantage?

What say you women? Whose idea was this anyway? Or to make it more fair, perhaps, should men be required to start showing more… skin?

4 Responses to “Suit Up!”

  1. avwalters September 27, 2014 at 1:10 pm #

    It sounds simple enough but I entered the business world in the eighties. The suits were little man-suits, shaped for men, or convicts. I had a closet full of them. Combined with matching trousers or the never offensive below-the-knee skirt, you’d think we had the problem solved. Ha! There you’d be in your little armor, only to see the job (handed out by men) go to either a man or to the cute little thing dressed from Frederick’s of Hollywood. The objective wasn’t to be invisible, it was to be professional. It didn’t matter. The powers that be–of course men– rewarded what they liked and it was skin. I had a friend who was thrown out of court for not wearing a skirt! The judge felt that a suit (with pants) was disrespectful to the court. Meanwhile, her opposing counsel had shown up in a blazer, shirt, tie, jeans and topsiders (no socks.) Was he asked to come back later, dressed appropriately?

    The issue of what’s appropriate to wear will never go away. It’s more about satisfying the expectation of gender roles than about work wear. The trick is to find what’s comfortable, and go with that. Then, do a hell of a job.

  2. learningisthereward September 27, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    I think men should start wearning skirts and heels!

  3. womanseyeview September 28, 2014 at 1:06 pm #

    We all wish it was this simple! It isn’t just the unfairness of the ‘costumes’ we’re expected to wear but the bigger issue of how women are objectified. Germaine Greer got it right in The Female Eunuch and nothing has changed!

  4. drshyamalavatsa October 11, 2014 at 2:03 pm #

    Well, i found this post funny, imagining my husband wearing the ‘short pants with that jacket’ and a suit with ‘short sleeves’. Like someone has already noted, the issue of what is appropriate for women to wear will never go away. For us in south India it was only what sort of saree, heavy southern silk or a lighter crepe de chine. Now with a lot of people sporting western outfits it’s got a bit complicated!

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