Only in America?

18 Jul

Not to beat a dead horse, because this horse won’t die anyway but now that corporations have freedom to practice religion…

So a corporation builds a car and discovers that it has design flaws but rather than spend money in order to fix those flaws and make their car safe to drive they simply sell the cars anyway knowingly jeopardizing the lives of all of their customers and ultimately leading to and causing the deaths of 12 of those customers while all the while and over a dozen years, continuing to suppress evidence of their misdeeds and silencing the outcries of their own workers who attempt to bring these flaws in workmanship to light.

The corporation even goes so far as to take the government’s and tax payer’s money in an effort to help support this devious venture…and even after being found out and forced to recall their terrible and dangerous machines they drag their feet and are slow to correct their poor workmanship.

Then they discover another flaw in their automobile and issue more recalls but this time they also announce that they don’t have the parts to fix the new recall so “never mind” just continue to drive your newly deemed death mobile until the parts are made available. It’s safe, no worries, just trust our good word and honest business practices like before.

What “Religion” would you say that corporation practices?

Regardless of what you think, if the corporation says, “Christian” then they can give their employees shoddy healthcare too.

I guess that’s what our Supreme Court calls consistency in jurisprudence…

7 Responses to “Only in America?”

  1. Barbara Backer-Gray July 18, 2014 at 4:32 am #

    Next car manufacturers won’t have to worry about workmanship at all anymore, if they believe that ultimately everyone’s life is in God’s hands.

  2. Snowbird of Paradise July 18, 2014 at 4:49 am #

    When corporations are people, I suppose they can flip us the bird with impunity.

  3. onnovocks July 18, 2014 at 9:51 am #

    Remember the 70’s? They started building their first Diesel powered cars, based on gasoline engines. Of course the 22:1 compression was to much for the head bolts of the Rocket 350, but to replace them cost $60.00, so I gue$$ we can blame the accountant$. The mechanical injection pump ran off the same rod that formerly spun the distributor, and you could almost set your watch by it, the rod would round itself off and shut down the motor every 20,000 miles. Nice when that happens on the freeway and no one lets you change lanes to get off the road, without power brakes or steering. The list goes on…

    You are right, this Horse won’t die anyway, but now they can pull a Jimmy Lee Swaggart, “the devil made me do it”.

  4. avwalters July 18, 2014 at 12:27 pm #

    The Right(eous) will tell you that “no one will go without that birth control/health coverage” as a result of the Hobby Lobby decision, supposedly because the insurance companies or the government will step in to do it. (Face it, birth control is cheaper than babies.) But, will the same Congress that won’t step in to undo the case, legislate to cover the very “controversial” services that the “faithful” won’t cover? (Yeah, right.) Anyway, d
    oesn’t this all just result in these costs ultimately being born by taxpayers? Isn’t that a subsidy to religion, as prohibited by the First Amendment? And now, corporations with religious leanings, with their favorable treatment, get to compete in the open market with regular corporations? Won’t a whole lot of corporations suddenly find religion–just so they can compete on a fair and level playing field? Wouldn’t single payer solve all of this (not to mention that the current system, while more inclusive is a huge subsidy to insurance companies?)

    And then one has to wonder about the company (religious or otherwise) that would let people die because it’s cheaper than fixing the problem.

  5. ontyrepassages July 20, 2014 at 1:17 am #

    Wait a minute…if corporations are people then shouldn’t corporations be held liable for deaths the same as any other human being? Shouldn’t a corporation, in some states, be subject to the death penalty for causing deaths? If you kill 12 other people then you’re a serial killer. No blaming others in the corporation, for they’re merely corporate DNA. Either a corporation is a person or it isn’t. No halfway. Abolish corporate tax breaks. From now on they’ll pay at the individual rate. You want to play in the human world, corporations? Bring it on!

  6. A Voice July 24, 2014 at 2:47 am #

    Is ‘Fuck’em, It’s Not Us’ a religion? There’s no real mystical component to it, no real ritual, but it’s certainly a philosophy, viz. a system or school of thought. At base all religion is is a philosophy with ritual and a mystical component so, in truth, ‘Fuck’em It’s Not Us’ isn’t terribly far behind at all.

    Perhaps burning money can be used as incense in rituals of chanting over ‘sacrificial bodies’ of the fallen. This depends on the particular sect, of course. Poorer sects or those people who have no fucks left to give for their fellow man may instead use coupons as a substitute for the money and, say, empty beer bottles as a substitute for the bodies.

    No, that religion’s not far off at all. I’d figure that a significant portion, minority of majority, of Americans adhere to the philosophy and giving them ritual to formalise their religious beliefs would do much to bring them together. At any rate it would be more fitting than the token coming together over tragedies like school shootings and such; much more fitting.

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