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Signing Bonus?

30 Jul

I was driving down the New Jersey turnpike today as I have done quite often over the past 40 years and I am constantly amazed by the incredible array of power plants, smoke stacks, oil tanks, refineries, generating stations, fire belching exhaust stacks and the miles of conduit pipes that seem to connect them all.

It’s the stretch of the Turnpike that most New Jersey-ans like to call “cancer alley” most probably because it smells like and looks like what could be the Devil’s workshop if the Devil indeed had one! And on this day it looked just like it had on any other day of driving through this hellish landscape… except for one small difference.

And that was a giant new sign on one of the largest power plants that read: ” Energy Efficient and Environmentally Advanced”

And I thought to myself, Really? What’s new and different? Have changes been made? Is our country moving in the right direction and are our energy systems finally becoming more efficient and advanced? And if so why does everything still look, smell and belch exactly as it always had before?

So I did a little research and discovered that a new study of the world’s largest economies has ranked the energy efficiency, policy and programs of each, and Germany is ranked #1 with the United States ranked at lucky #13…but worse than that, China is ranked #4 and India #11! We’re behind India and China!

And those are the 2 countries that are always mentioned by U.S. politicians whenever they attempt to explain why America can’t and shouldn’t join in the fight against global warming and climate change…because India and China, the 2 most populous countries are ruining the planet with their energy inefficiency so why should we bother…but we’re doing worse than they are!

Anyway, it turns out that that power plant on the turnpike with the big sign is one of the top polluters in the state of New Jersey. And our Governor recently pulled our state out of a multistate initiative known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change.

Those in favor of the program see it as a model on how the nation can curb pollution from power plants that increase global warming. But Critics, like our Governor say that such efforts are ineffective and just another tax on utilities.

So, I guess it’s much more environmentally advanced and efficient to just get a big sign and put that on top of the power plants instead

…yep, that oughta do it…a nice, big, fat sign!

Only in America?

18 Jul

Not to beat a dead horse, because this horse won’t die anyway but now that corporations have freedom to practice religion…

So a corporation builds a car and discovers that it has design flaws but rather than spend money in order to fix those flaws and make their car safe to drive they simply sell the cars anyway knowingly jeopardizing the lives of all of their customers and ultimately leading to and causing the deaths of 12 of those customers while all the while and over a dozen years, continuing to suppress evidence of their misdeeds and silencing the outcries of their own workers who attempt to bring these flaws in workmanship to light.

The corporation even goes so far as to take the government’s and tax payer’s money in an effort to help support this devious venture…and even after being found out and forced to recall their terrible and dangerous machines they drag their feet and are slow to correct their poor workmanship.

Then they discover another flaw in their automobile and issue more recalls but this time they also announce that they don’t have the parts to fix the new recall so “never mind” just continue to drive your newly deemed death mobile until the parts are made available. It’s safe, no worries, just trust our good word and honest business practices like before.

What “Religion” would you say that corporation practices?

Regardless of what you think, if the corporation says, “Christian” then they can give their employees shoddy healthcare too.

I guess that’s what our Supreme Court calls consistency in jurisprudence…

The GM Defense

8 Jul

It’s funny how people process their morality. It seems that the higher the monetary stakes the more likely it is that a person will find a reason to behave immorally. Especially if the person is far away from the other people that his decisions will be affecting and most definitely if those people are of another class/culture or race.

So money gained minus people hurt divided by class/culture and race, times distance from those affected equals the probability of altering one’s moral turpitude…or

$ – P/CCR x D = M                  

  …or something like that.

Anyway, it doesn’t take an Einstein to know that causing the deaths of 12 people because you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money redesigning and recalling your automobile is wrong…does it?…but then again I don’t work for or own or represent General Motors. I’m just one of the poor, affected, middle class saps who bought one of their cars.

So try this technique should you ever find yourself on the wrong side of a murder/homicide.

If you’re the one holding the smoking gun just fire as many bullets as you can at the floor or ceiling or wherever there aren’t any other humans for as long as you can until the police arrive to arrest you.

Then at your trial have your lawyer point out that you fired over 10,000 bullets and only hit and killed one person! Who would spend that kind of time and money on murder? It was obviously just a mistaken and costly accident.

Call it the General Motors defense!

And, oh yeah…you’re welcome.





A Heartwarming Message To Saturn

4 Jul

Dear Saturn and General Motors,

I received a recall notice in June that my Saturn Ion could experience power steering problems that may “occur at any time without warning” and “which could result in a crash”. And when I went to the dealership they told me that the part to fix this problem was not available and that my car is safe to drive. So my question to you is…what part of could occur at any time and result in a crash, is safe? The representative at the dealership told me that he wouldn’t drive it but also that I could not get a rental because his “superiors” would not allow it. So please also tell me why you have recalled my car for safety reasons and then put me on hold? My car is useless to me as I have already experienced power steering problems and I and my family are now scared to death of it! And the people on your hotline are rude, disrespectful, sarcastic and absolutely no help at all. They won’t even tell me their last names! What good is a first name without a last one? One of your phone answerers named Dorothia told me that if my power steering shuts off I will just need to “Summon more effort and strength”. I think her last name might be Scratch or Beelzebub! When I was handed over to an “executive” operator named Nicole and asked her whether or not she would let her son or daughter drive said vehicle under the possibility of having to summon their super strength at a moments notice just to steer out of a “potential crash situation” she answered that the question was irrelevant since she had no children! Perhaps her last name was Incubus or Succubus? You should all be ashamed of yourselves! And to think I was once proud to own an American made and General Motors affiliated Saturn… I want my money back!

Adopt A State! (Or more Math Fun)

3 Jul

It’s been almost 2 years and things aren’t getting any better…or fairer…


So…The wealthiest 400 Americans have 1.37 trillion dollars between them. And according to the most recent survey by the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO), the 50 United States and the District of Columbia spent a little more than $1 trillion in state revenues in fiscal year 2010.

That means that the 400 wealthiest Americans have more money between them than the 50 United States (plus the District of Columbia) do! They have 370 billion dollars more! And when you consider that the 50 United States (plus the District of Columbia) are facing a 350 billion dollar shortfall this year…well then the 400 wealthiest Americans really have 720 billion dollars more than the rest of us poor folks have to spend on the things that we need (and maybe some things that we don’t need…just sayin’)

But don’t despair because here’s some advice from the wealthiest woman in the…

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The KingMakers

1 Jul

Hurray for the corporations! Huzzah! Corporations now have freedom of religion. Isn’t this exactly what our founding fathers hoped for when they penned and approved the Declaration of Independence and then our Constitution of the United States so long ago?

And now here we are on the anniversary of that august dawn of our country’s birth and the Supreme Court has not only since awarded corporate entities the right to person-hood but also the rights to free speech through the spending of unlimited amounts of money (something that a king might do, say what?) and now the corporate state has the right to exercise their freedom of religion by infringing upon the freedom of others to express their own religious beliefs. (something akin to a king’s power, may I have an amen please?)

But the great irony of all is not so much that these things we call corporate entities now have the freedom to exercise their religion…or that they are even considered to have the ability to have a religion or a belief system for that matter.

No, the great irony is not that corporations can possess religious morality but that they also have the power to kill with impunity!       For I am an owner of a GM vehicle! And what price have they paid (that hasn’t cost them our own bailout money) for their lies, poor craftsmanship and negligent homicide?

So let there be light, for the mystery of creation is no more. This is how it is done…

Corporations have not become people and the Supreme Court of the United States has not fashioned them in our own image.

Nay, I say to you…They are become Gods!



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