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Where’s a Good Rapture When You Need One?

10 Oct

It’s almost time for New Jersey’s big fat state election, coming this Wednesday October 16th!

Yes, I know…a major United States Senate election… on a Wednesday… in October is unheard of. It’s never been done before but can now be proudly counted as another New Jersey first!…to go along with the pork roll sandwich, Snookie and fuhgettaboutit. It was our very own governor’s idea and is costing the state only about 12 and a half million dollars to hold 20 days before…now what was that called? Oh yeah…ELECTION DAY!

Some say our governor shouldn’t be held accountable for recklessly making such a fiscally irresponsible decision because he was most likely in a diabetic haze when he made it , while many Democrats believe he did it just so he wouldn’t have to face popular Newark mayor Corey Booker on the same ballot in November (Even though they aren’t even running for the same political office) However most state Republicans simply say, ” It’s only 12 and a half million dollars being wasted, Fuhgettaboutit!”

Which brings me to my next point. Our New Jersey Senate race is between Democratic Newark mayor Cory Booker and Republican and former Bogota mayor Steve Lonegan. Mr Lonegan is a Tea Party supporter and as such is in favor of the current government shutdown.

He is also opposed to legal abortion, against gay marriage, and in support of a rollback in all environmental regulations. And when in their last debate it came to a discussion of the Delaware River and the potential impact that natural gas fracking, if allowed, may have on this most precious of New Jersey’s natural resources he said to Mayor Booker, “You may not be able to swim in that river, but it’s probably, I think, because of all the bodies floating around from shooting victims in your city,” …he also proved that manners and people were not high on the list of things that Tea Party members are in favor of.

Which begs asking the question: What exactly is the Tea Party in favor of? And do we really need more of their members in our government?

We know what they are against. The Tea in Tea Party is supposed to stand for. “Taxed Enough Already”.

So they are against taxes. And we know they don’t like government…they’d like to see it “drowned in a bathtub.”

They don’t like nor do they believe in science…they believe the Earth is a little more than 5,000 years old and not in any climate danger at all and they believe that more fossil fuels need to be found…and burned.

They are against healthcare for all citizens unless they can pay for it themselves in the “free market”…no matter how much the bad government subsidizes insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare device manufacturers within that “free market.”

They are against food stamps and welfare programs that help children, the aged and others in need.

In fact they are against a lot of things.

But what are they for?

It seems to me that they are for whatever it is that they believe in whether they are in the majority or not and whether or not the majority of American citizens agree with them…

Because I assume…they know what’s best…Because they are good Christians who believe in a good Christian god…Because unlike you and me, they were brought up properly and were taught the proper things to believe in…so there!

And they appear to be against rules too! Because rules are for wrong people…not right people. Right?

So can we please have the Rapture now?

Can they please just disappear and get their wish and go to heaven where they really belong?

And when they get there and meet with God and discover that there may be people in heaven that they don’t like, they can hold heaven hostage until God agrees to let them in on deciding who gets into heaven and who doesn’t…

Because after all, who does God think she is anyway?

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