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Our Big Fat State Election

7 Oct

I live in New Jersey and yesterday I received a notice that a special election will be held on October 16th in which we will elect a new U.S. Senator…and even though that may sound strange (since the National election day is on November 5th, only 20 days later, that’s not the weird part. The weird part is that this special election day is on a WEDNESDAY. In the United States, Who ever elects someone on a Wednesday?

After U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) died on June 3, the NJ state Democrats wanted Gov. Christie to call the special election to fill his seat for Nov. 5, which would be the same day the Governor and candidates for all 120 seats in the Legislature are on the ballot. Why? Well, because…That’s election day!

Governor Christie, however, called for the Senate special election to be on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

This special election (On a Wednesday…only 20 days before Election Day) is estimated to cost the state of NJ an extra 12 and a half million dollars. Naturally the democrats have charged that Governor Christie wanted to hold a special election in October (did I mention that it’s on a Wednesday?)  because he did not want to share the ballot with a high profile Senate race…and the popular democratic candidate, Mayor Corey Booker, who may cause a big Democratic turnout at the polls (which, I take it, would not be good for the Governor and his re-election bid)

State Sen. Shirley Turner (D-Mercer), sponsored a bill that would have  canceled the special election and placed the Senate election on the regular November ballot in the hopes of saving the state the extra expense of having two statewide elections three weeks apart.

Now you would think that Governor Christie who has spent the last 4 years talking about how government is just too darn big and how spending needs to be cut across the board and then making cuts in public education, senior citizen services, services for the disabled, police and fires services and personnel, state worker’s pensions…you know all the selfish deadbeats looking for handouts within the state…would agree that having two elections within 20 days was a waste of money (Did I mention that one was even to be held on a Wednesday?)

But no! Instead he vetoed the bill and said,

“New Jersey voters deserve to have their voices heard in the United States Senate as soon as practicable, which is why I called for a special election in October. I cannot support legislation that would require the citizens of New Jersey to wait to choose their representation in the United States Senate.”

But we’ve already waited 133 days…is waiting 20 days more too much? Just to save 12 and a half million dollars?

And why hold a “special” and major election on a Wednesday?

Was Tuesday busy?

What would you have done? I mean if you were really interested in saving money and in making sure that your state’s voter’s votes counted and didn’t want to confuse everyone by having 2 important elections within 20 days…(and one on a Wednesday when I’m sure no one is expecting to have an election!) and in such a special election too!

New Jersey and You…stronger than the storm…

And now disingenuous…

And fatter too!


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