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Happy Labor Day!

3 Sep

Well, here in the United states it’s Labor Day which reminds me that it is predicted that the world’s human population shall reach 8 billion by the year 2024.

We reached 1 billion in 1818 after millions of years of struggle just to get there…that is of course if you believe in science. If you don’t then about 5,000 years ago Adam and Eve had a few million kids all named Cain and Abel or was that Cain and Mabel? Because how Cain and Abel had all of those children is still a mystery to me.

Anyway, there were 3 billion humans in the world by 1963, about the time when I was turning 8 years old, and according the Worldometer website (isn’t the internet great!) Population in the world is currently growing at a rate of around 1.14% per year and the average population change is currently estimated at around 80 million per year. Which oddly enough is good news because back in the 60’s the growth rate was at its all time high at over 2.1%. Should we thank god that contraception caught on?

In any case, thankfully the annual growth rate is currently declining and it is projected to continue to decline in the coming years. Currently, it is estimated that the growth rate will become less than 1% by 2020 and less than 0.5% by 2050. However, we have twice as many people now than we had in 1960 when the rate was double so we’re still kinda screwed (pun intended)… so it is now estimated that the world’s population will take a further 43 years to increase to  9 billion by 2042…when I’m 87…I’m hopeful…I think?

But the latest projections from the United nations indicate that world population will finally stabilize at just above 10 billion persons after 2062….Aren’t you glad?… I should be turning 107 by then…don’t laugh…and with the help of Obamacare and a few million bucks that I don’t have right at the moment, I should be mostly robotic, rechargeable and nursing home friendly.

But then again when was the last time the United Nations got something right? (Hint: it was in 2003 when they said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq) So maybe we’ll get lucky after all…?

But still I find it most interesting and fortuitous for us here in the USA that right now over 2.5 billion of us live in either India or China. That’s over one third of everybody! And I sure am glad that they don’t like to wander around as much as we Europeans did and they do seem to be pretty peaceful when you consider the fact that most of the world’s wars began in you know where. I just hope they don’t get any imperialistic ideas in the next 50 years or so and continue to remain the homebodies they now are…although where the next 3 billion people are going to decide to live is beyond me.

I also find it interesting to note that only 2.1 billion people in the world, less than one third of all of us, consider themselves to be Christian…and that’s after over 2,000 years of preaching and proselytizing and conversion by somewhat other than peaceful means…plus don’t forget all of the begetting that we Christians have been doing. You’d think that by now we would already have everybody on our team. Thanks a lot Adam and Steve!

And it also should be noted that about 1.6 billion people consider themselves to be of the Islamic faith, and it’s the fastest growing religion in the world…so go figure! Plus over 1.1 billion of us have no religion at all…so in what or whom will the next 3 billion people believe? Your guess is as good as mine but my money is on some sort of creature that looks like an iPad and acts like a telephone…you know, something we can still talk to but also see at the same time. (some I believe have already begun worshipping at this altar)

So happy Labor Day to one and all! May your Labors be mild, your backyards spacious and may your relatives never stay longer than 3 days!

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