31 Jul

Is it just me or is A-Rod getting the shaft as the MLB poster boy for steroid and/or illegal substance abuse? I don’t know if you’re a big fan of A-rod or of baseball and honestly he is not my favorite player but I always hate it whenever any enforcement agency appears to selectively enforce it’s “unimpeachable” policies.

Major League Baseball has a list of over 100 players who have failed drug tests at one time or another and most of those names have been kept secret. One can only wonder why… and one can also only wonder why others have been publicly singled out to take the major blame for all things steroidal.

Many players continue to play in the major leagues now after having already been suspended for drug violations…but if those drugs enhanced their ability to play the game…and enhanced their bodies in the first place, then what makes everyone so sure that they are not still enjoying the affects of their previous drug usage. And why have they not been stripped of their awards and/or championships that they may have obtained while using?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the infamous Mark McGwire as their batting coach, a former steroid user who refused to testify before Congress so as not to incriminate himself. Why does MLB let him participate at all? Especially when it comes to teaching younger players how to…? And the Dodgers have had a hitting resurgence lately…just saying.

Personally, I just don’t trust enforcement agencies, especially when it comes to drugs and especially when it comes to policing one’s own organizations. As a former teacher I witnessed countless high school athletes violate eligibility requirements only to be allowed to continue to play on their teams while others were singled out and suspended for the same violations….and mostly that had to do with who they were, who they knew, or how much talent they had.

In our own society we can watch celebrities boast about their own drug use and marijuana proclivity while over a million of their fellow citizens languish in jail, some serving life sentences, for the same drug habits!

Life is often unfair, I know…but I say let A-Rod play and put him in the Baseball Hall of Fame too. After all he plays baseball and he’s famous! If baseball wants a hall full of players who are good guys, never break the rules, don’t ingest mind and mood altering substances, and who say their prayers every night at bedtime then they can open up one of those halls too…and see if they can fill it with anyone.

The Yankees right now are sporting a team of players that I am pretty sure does not take steroids or drugs of any kind. After watching them play all summer and by the looks of their batting averages, I don’t even think they are taking their vitamins or eating properly. Who wants to watch them play?

Right now they are in Los Angeles and if the Yankee management is smart they will walk their players over to the Dodger dugout and ask Mark McGwire if they can have whatever his players are eating.




2 Responses to “A-Shaft?”

  1. ranu802 July 31, 2013 at 10:39 pm #

    I do not like A-Rod either.They give him more credit than he deserves.

  2. kingmidget July 31, 2013 at 11:00 pm #

    Either professional sports accept performance enhancing substances or they don’t. If they don’t, which I believe is what MLB is now trying to do, then there must be absolutely zero tolerance for it. A-Rod can be the beginning and then keep going until the sport is cleaned up. If that means McGwire is banned as well, so be it. I’m done with PEDs and hope that baseball can be done with it soon. That’s a pipe dream. It will never be 100% clean, but PEDs have done so much damage to the sport, the policy should be zero tolerance if you’re caught.

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