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18 Apr

Today I went to the pharmacy to buy my weekly supply of Claritin-D which as you may remember from a previous blog of mine, contains pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is a common decongestant and is used to treat stuffy nose and sinuses caused by the common cold, hay fever, or sinus infection.

However, because pseudoephedrine can be misused in the making of methamphetamine, it is considered a dangerous substance. And even though the misuse of it is uncommon (according to the internet) the United States federal government has seen fit to regulate it so that I and others like me cannot get our hands on more than one Claritin-D tablet per day.

And when it comes to pseudoephedrine the US government sure doesn’t fool around because all sellers of these “controlled” substances must maintain a “log book” which is to be used to record each sale and the following information is required to be documented:

  • Identity of each product sold, by name
  • Quantity sold
  • Name and Address of each purchaser
  • Date and Time of the sale

Every prospective purchaser must present a valid identification card with photo, or an acceptable document issued by a State or Federal Government, and sign the log book.

But the good news is that today, instead of having to go through the lengthy process of filling out the paperwork and showing my driver’s license and then signing on the dotted line the pharmacist simply took her scanner and clicked on the Claritin product code then pointed the scanner at the back of my driver’s license and presto!

And what’s on the back of my driver’s license in that long black bar anyway? The mark of the beast?

Everything that’s on the front, except the picture, is on that magnetic strip. Your name, address, height, weight, eye color, birth date, sex, license number and expiration date is all stored on that magnetic stripe.

And we use these  magnetic stripes to keep track of all sorts of objects and people; they are used to keep track of rental cars, airline luggage, nuclear waste, registered mail, express mail and parcels, and tickets that allow the holder to enter sports arenas, cinemas, theatres, fairgrounds, and transportation.

And we’ve been using these scanners and barcodes now for  over 40 years and the government has applied this amazing and simple technology in continuing efforts to try to reduce crime, illegal immigration, underage drinking…and anything they can possibly thing of including suspected minority voting fraud for crying out loud!

So why not…of all things… guns? Barcode on the gun, barcode on the bullets, barcode on your license…the seller takes his scanning “gun” (how appropriate is that?) and bing bang boom, point and shoot here, point and shoot there and all of the necessary info is immediately recorded and logged into a database…and they’ve even got a barcode that looks like a target! (It’s both cool and fun!)

Sample ShotCode linking to this article.

How easy is that? And we’re already doing it now for just about everything you can think of especially wherever the government thinks it might make some impact in providing safety and security for the American people.

We could even have used an electronic marker known as a taggant  to trace the gunpowder used in the bombs at the recent Boston Marathon that would have  identified  the point of manufacturer, and chain of custody…

In fact, explosives manufacturers are already required to place tracing elements known as identification taggants  in plastic explosives but…you guessed it… not in gunpowder, thanks to lobbying efforts by the NRA and large gun manufacturing groups because…wait for it… they are worried about being sued over the improper use of their ammunition or explosives!

If only guns and ammunition were considered by Congress to be as dangerous as allergy medication, movie line jumpers and minority voters, then we’d see some gun safety legislation…You Betcha!

Noblesse You?

16 Apr

I know that there are a lot of people out there who are in favor of less government or like Grover Norquist and his followers, no government at all.

But I never hear them explain or diagram what it is that they propose as an alternative.

I will grant you that government is wasteful and has been spending an awful lot of money on that which does not seem to benefit the governed very much. And it needs to be more responsible to the needs of the people it serves as opposed to the needs of lobbyists and corporations and special interest groups…at least that is what I think.

But those who oppose government or what they call “Big Government” as in “Big Brother” or someone or something that is watching us and means to do us harm… or take away our rights, seem to wish to govern by doing nothing at all. At least that is what the 236 Congressmen who have signed Mr. Norquist’s pledge do.

They obfuscate, block, filibuster, delay, and do everything they can to avoid governing. So what kind of government do they and their supporters want should they someday find themselves in the majority of both the House and Senate? Will they govern then? Or quit and leave us without a government at all?

From their proposals so far and from what I have read by others who support them, they are against social programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid any form of Universal Healthcare, Welfare in the form of housing, food assistance or unemployment insurance, and any form of government regulation on anything.

They appear to be for increased spending on the military, defense systems, and  homeland security  and for the  privatization of large government entities or bureaucracies like the post office etc.

But they are never really specific about what they would cut and what they would leave and how much that would save us all on government expenses and what the future American society would then look like. Why is that?

Is it because they know that what they want would not be very appealing to what most Americans expect from a government? As far as I have been able to determine their answer seems to be one of Noblesse Oblige.

Noblesse oblige” is generally used to imply that with wealth and power, come responsibilities and in American English especially, the term is sometimes applied more broadly to suggest a general obligation for the more fortunate to help the less fortunate

The Oxford English Dictionary says that the term “suggests noble ancestry constrains to honorable behavior; privilege entails to responsibility.” Being a noble meant that one had responsibilities to lead, manage and so on. One was not to simply spend one’s time in idle pursuits.

Is this what “Small Government” proponents want? Government entities for military, and defense purposes and the wealthy and powerful citizens and corporations will provide for everything else through their charity and kindness where and when they see fit?… Like most European governments in the pre-Revolutionary War days did?

I’m just asking because I seriously do not know what the alternative is that they propose? How do they picture the future of American society? Can someone out there enlighten me please? Nicely I hope and without and noble condescension? Thanks.

Let’s Get Real

14 Apr


Gun proponents and advocates who disagree with my pro gun regulation blogs always seem to disagree with me, and others who try to promote gun regulation and safety, in the same way.

First they question and mock my ability to read and understand the Constitution of the United States. Next they state that because “the right to bear arms” is in the Constitution there can never be any debate or discussion about it nor any amendments or modifications or clarifications made to it. (which of course is what an amendment is in the first place)

Then they point out how guns actually save lives and point me to sites all around the internet that extol the virtues of those who have thwarted murderers, robbers and rapists etc. by shooting and killing them.  And finally they always resort to a paranoid complaint about how I and others like me just want to take away their guns so as to begin the establishment of an apocalyptic end of times government that will take away all of their freedoms once they have lost the ability to defend themselves with guns.

It is precisely these traits, i.e. the use of sarcasm rather than facts, the refusal to discuss differences and the belief that others are against them simply because they wish to do them harm, that scare non gun users. People who arm themselves with dangerous weapons for whatever purpose, are dangerous none the less. And history and statistics have shown us that the difference between a person with a “defensive weapon” and one who uses it to kill another person can simply be the difference between their access to that weapon, their lack of knowledge in the use of that weapon or simply their level of anger and aggravation at the time they choose to use it.

No one has asked or even expects people to give up their guns or their rights to own them as stated under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The  package of gun laws proposed by President Obama after the Newtown attack by a lone gunman,  included expanding background checks on gun buyers, toughening laws against gun trafficking and straw purchases, banning semi-automatic rifles modeled after military assault weapons as well as large-capacity ammunition magazines, and coming up with ideas for improving school safety.

The weapons ban, on semi-automatic rifles modeled after military assault weapons as well as large-capacity ammunition magazines would update a 1994 law that expired in 2004,  and the White House is pushing hard for expanding background checks to all gun purchases in an effort to close a loophole that exempts private sales, such as transactions at gun conventions.

Federal law already prohibits selling guns to felons or the mentally ill. Background checks are the only way to enforce that law. So, besides criminals and the insane, who could possibly oppose universal background checks?

These proposals are not asking Americans to give up their guns. There are 270 million guns in the United States already. No one expects, nor wants,  nor is even willing to attempt to try to confiscate them. The U.S. Government didn’t even try to confiscate guns before, during or after the greatest conflict between its citizens and the government in the history of our country…The American Civil War!

Long before the Constitution was ratified by the United States another document was approved and hailed as one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind and it said…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–

Our most precious and unalienable rights, those of  life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, cannot be realized if one is dead. And fully and undeniably 70% of all gun related deaths are caused not by murderers or outlaws but by neighbors and family members and friends because they own guns or have access to them without safety, knowledge of use, or regulation.

Our right to life here in America is our most basic right…The right to own guns comes later, and no one is denying anyone that right, but those of us in favor of gun regulation want to discuss safety and life and childhoods and adulthoods free and alive to pursue all human rights everywhere.

So why can’t gun advocates even discuss that? Why can’t we meaningfully and intelligently discuss the just and proper regulation, use and ownership of things that are meant only to kill?

If History teaches us anything it’s that angrily refusing debate, discussion and compromise is always a precursor to a lost cause.

Be Careful Where You Point Your Statistics…You Might Hurt Someone

12 Apr


It was suggested to me that I take a look at the homicide by firearm rate to get a clearer perspective of violence in the United States and how perhaps it isn’t all that bad.

So I checked out the statistics collected by the UNODC ( United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) from their 2011 Global Study on Homicide.

According to their statistics The US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world – an average of 88 per 100 people. That puts it first in the world for gun ownership ( the number two country, Yemen…(great company we’re in)… has significantly fewer  at 54.8 per 100 people)

The united States also ranks 1st in the total number of all civilian firearms with 270 million.

We are also #1 in rate of ownership.

But, say gun proponents, the US does not have the worst firearm murder rate.  In fact, the US is number 28, with a rate of 2.97 per 100,000 people. Isn’t that good news? Even though we have all of the guns we don’t have the highest firearm murder rate. We’re only 28th!

And here are the winners…

Honduras…El Salvador… Jamaica…Venezuela…Guatemala…St. Kits…Trinidad and Tobago…Columbia…Belize…Puerto Rico…Brazil…South Africa…Dominican Republic…Panama…Bahamas…Ecuador…Guiana…Mexico…Philippines….Paraguay…Anguilla…Nicaragua…St. Vincent…Zimbabwe…Costa Rica…Argentina…and (wait for it)…Barbados.

Not exactly the major leagues of industrialized and sophisticated 1st World countries is it?

And don’t even ask who #29 is!…all right you asked…it’s Gaza and the West Bank.

Yes, gun advocates have something to be proud of. At least we don’t kill each other like they do in Gaza and the West Bank.

In fact you have to go way down the list before you’ll find any other 1st world countries

Switzerland was at 45, Italy 48 and Canada came in at #56…but remember this is a list of the percent of murders by firearm. Switzerland had 57 gun murders, Italy 417 and Canada 173. The United States had 9, 146…so statistics don’t always paint the entire picture.

When it comes to the total number of murders by firearms we’re 5th. Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and Venezuela beat us out…but again which of those countries would you say out civilizes us? Interestingly enough they are also all in our hemisphere (in fact 25 of the top 28 are)…you know….the one the Monroe Doctrine told the rest of the world to keep their hands off of back in 1823.

But I digress because here is the most sobering statistic of all:

9,143 Americans were murdered with firearms in 2011 but At least 31,940 people died from gun injuries in 2011. That means that 22,797 citizens of the United States died from gunshot wounds that were what?

Accidents! Unintentional! Suicide!

This is what the proper and mathematical reading of statistics tells us.

Although outlaws kill over 9,000 people every year in the US, regular law abiding citizens like you and me kill 23,000 more!

Guns do not save lives. They kill the people who own them or their loved ones or their neighbors more than twice as often as they kill intended victims…and guess what?

And as we have increased gun ownership and the number of guns in our country over the last 30 years those numbers and ratios  have been rising…and most sadly…with a bullet.

Common Sense and Sensibility

11 Apr

Common Sense and Sensibility

At least 31,940 people died from gun injuries in 2011.

34,367 people died from Motor vehicle accidents  in 2011.

No one knows exactly how many cars there are in America But, there are approximately 250 million registered vehicles on the road today. That figure includes all types of vehicles and approximately 16 million new vehicles are sold annually.

No one knows the exact number of firearms owned by private citizens in the US but In 1995, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives estimated that there were about 223 million firearms owned by individuals. It’s been almost 20 years since then and that number has surely increased. There can be no definitive answer however, because most states don’t require registration.

But it can be construed that collecting automobiles and firearms are two of America’s most famous and popular pastimes and that they are also equally as dangerous and deadly to not only the Americans that purchase and use them but also to Americans who do not.

To which I submit that the uniform regulation of automobiles in this country has long been in practice and yet has made little if any impact on the availability of automobiles to Americans. We require their registration and visible license plates that allow law enforcement officials to identify the owner immediately with the use of a computer database.

Automobile users must be of legal age and properly licensed. They must take a written test and a practical test to demonstrate that they know how to use the vehicle. They must even take an eye test to prove that they can see where it is they want to go.

They must be able to prove citizenship and residency and purchase mandatory liability insurance in the event that their automobile is responsible for damage to another’s property or person.

We even have federal rules and regulations that apply to the conduct of the driver and occupants of the vehicle requiring the use of seat belts (for their own protection) and limiting the use of phones and alcoholic beverages etc.. inside the vehicle.

We even require users to seek different and additional licenses and take additional competency classes and tests if they desire to use vehicles not considered to be average automobiles (i.e. motor cycles and trucks)

And if a licensed driver abuses or misuses their vehicle…it can be taken from them and they can have their license to use a vehicle suspended or revoked indefinitely.

And yet with all of this regulation automobiles have not been confiscated en mass and Americans have not lost their right to purchase an automobile, nor purchase as many as they would like, nor purchase whatever kind of vehicle they would like. And our extreme regulation of automobiles has not caused us to be  invaded by other countries nor has it led to the takeover of our country by a communist, fascist or totalitarian regime.

And do only outlaws now drive cars?

The current gun control proposals before the House and Senate ask Congress to  expand background checks, improve school safety and combat gun trafficking.

These are bad things? These proposals will sound the death knell for our Constitution? Background checks, school safety and trying to stop gun trafficking is the slippery slope that leads to… where?

…perhaps a better life for our children?

Recent statistics show that there were over 16 million gun applications in 2012. If they were all approved, that would be enough weapons to stock a member of NATO’s armed forces nearly five times over. The system has received over 156 million applications since 1998 and the US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world.

And yet gun advocates and owners are still angry, outraged, belligerent and confrontational even though no government entity  in the history of the United States has ever asked for them to give their guns or their rights to own them, back.

All I know is…If they showed up for their driver’s license and road test with all that anger and attitude…the motor vehicle officer probably wouldn’t give them one until they learned how to show and demonstrate the proper appreciation, reverence and respect for the deadly weapon they were asking to have access to.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

10 Apr

Yesterday I wrote a satirical piece about guns and gun regulation. Some people who read it didn’t get it. No, I wasn’t suggesting that stabbing 14 people was or ever could be a good thing…and I wasn’t trying to suggest that we really outlaw people…that would be like suggesting the eating of babies to solve world hunger…My point was that guns are dangerous because people use them to hurt each other and just because guns are inanimate objects that need people to operate them doesn’t mean that people should have free and easy access to them.

But now it’s time to get serious because yesterday, in my neighborhood, a 4 year old boy shot his 6 year old next door neighbor with a 22 caliber rifle. Scout’s honor, I kid you not. And Is my neighborhood next door to Fort Apache? No. Do I live in the middle of the Middle East? Nope. It’s just a quiet residential neighborhood 2 blocks from a grammar school in the suburban New Jersey town of Toms River.

Here in Central New Jersey we mostly expect to die from old age or traffic accidents or as you might have recently  read,  the slow and deadly ingestion of toxic waste and chemicals, but certainly not from random shootings… Today that little 6 year old boy died.

So  I ask you, is there anywhere in this country where anyone should ever expect to die from gunshot wounds? If you are a gun enthusiast and opposed to any and all gun regulation and laws then your answer is probably and sadly…yes. And your solution is also probably that only more guns for more people to defend themselves with, is the answer to gun violence.

You would probably also say that the reduction of guns or the strengthening of gun laws will be of no help because people are the ones who kill and not the guns…and many of you will go even so far as to say that the guns don’t make it any easier for people to do harm. Harmful people will do harm anyway, whether they have a gun or a knife or a rock or hammer etc…or whether they are 40, 14 or…even 4! And of course there is your favorite phrase…”If we outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns.”

To which I must finally say, Will you never learn anything?

If you own a gun then you have only three possible outcomes. Either you will be an outlaw and use your weapon to rob, kill or harm others or you will wait… wait… wait…and wait some more for that imagined glorious moment in your lives when you get the drop on the outlaw and kill or harm or scare the crap out of him yourself.

The third possible outcome is that someone who you love or care about will accidently or on purpose shoot someone else who you love or care about (possibly yourself)… or they will shoot a whole bunch of others for no apparent reason other than they have lost their minds and all sense of human decency.

That’s it. 3 possible outcomes and if you don’t think that all of them are bad then really where do you see this ending? Seriously. Don’t preach to me your second amendment rights. Offer some solutions please. And please offer some solutions that don’t make you sound like a moron.

But There is however a fourth outcome and that is that your gun is never used to rob or kill anyone at all… Because here in the 21st century you really don’t need guns…not for hunting for food, not for defending your country from foreign invaders, not for fending off  savages or slaves, or wild animals who roam your domesticated suburbs and cities…and if you don’t need it for those things you certainly don’t need it for practice…unless of course you want that gun to be ready to someday kill another human being…which again is a serious reason for you to think twice about yourself and about your views on humanity.

Guns and weapons of mutual destruction only serve to keep us primitive. Only by regulating our use and need and desire for them can we ever hope to someday become completely civilized.

And if you can’t understand that, then please, please, please… don’t ever have children… Because in the long run…that probably will help us all more than you may ever know.

It’s the People!

9 Apr

Finally…Good news for gun advocates! Texas officials say that at least 14 people have been wounded in a stabbing attack at  the Lone Star Community College System’s campus in Cypress, Texas.

Now do you understand? This proves once and for all that It’s the people!

People are dangerous and can and often will do dangerous things that may put others in danger, including loved ones, innocent bystanders and just about anyone else who might be within their sphere of dangerousness.

People have been known to hurt one another with hammers, knives, rocks, baseball bats, sticks and stones,  automobiles, golf clubs, shovels, pitch forks, chemicals, dirt, fists, teeth,  poisons, sharp objects, hurtful words and just plain meanness…sometimes for no reason at all.

And is this any reason to outlaw any or all of these items? Of course not! Things don’t hurt people only people with things can hurt people! So why would anyone wish to outlaw guns? A gun is a tool just like a hammer, or rock, or knife is it not?

So why have guns become the innocent victims of misguided people who wish to outlaw them?

And besides, guns or rather “arms” (noun [plural]  /ɑː(r)mz/ 1. weapons, for example guns or bombs especially one used in warfare) are protected by the U.S. Constitution? And by the way did you notice that the definition of arms includes guns and bombs and other things used in warfare?

So leave guns alone! It’s our right! It’s what keeps us free! And allows us to pursue our happiness…like when we get happy shooting things…and they allow us to defend ourselves against the most dangerous animal on the planet…namely people…us…ourselves!

Yes, we intelligently designed creatures formed in the image of our most glorious creator, are dangerous! It’s the people who are the problem! And are people protected in the constitution? No! People have rights but no one has the right to be a people in the first place do they?

In fact our Founding Fathers didn’t even like people or trust them very much for that matter. Most people were given no rights at all and some were counted as only a fraction of their actual selves. But not guns or arms! They were named specifically in the Bill of Rights and they have their own original amendment.

People amendments weren’t even added until much later by weak minded liberal sissies and now look what’s happened? Guns are in danger and people are more dangerous than ever!

Down with people! We have way too many of them and there is no limit as to how many one can have or make or adopt or whatever. Where is the regulation on people? Have you noticed how many prisoners and criminals we have in this country these days? If we outlaw guns soon the only people we’ll have left will be outlaws!

People of America wake up! It’s us! It’s the people! We must be stopped!

And having guns and lots of them is the only way to do it!

Why oh why doesn’t anyone get it?!!! Oh the Inhumanity!

To the Mattresses

9 Apr

This is basically a re-post of something I wrote a few months ago about savings and banks and sending your children to college but since then it appears that our federal government is up to their old shenanigans again and soon there might be no safe place for your money to reside except…you guessed it… So let’s review:

First of all a word to parents: Parents, I highly recommend college for your children. A college education is a great way to boost your child’s future earning potential but, how can we parents possibly save for it and then pay for it without saddling ourselves and our children with more and more debt?

Well, a few years ago I would have said, buy United States Savings Bonds! Money that I put into U.S. Bonds when my children were little doubled and even tripled by the time they reached college age. But in 2006 Congress voted to reduce the interest rate on bonds from 6 percent annually to .04 percent. That is unbelievably a 93 percent reduction in interest on U.S. Savings bonds and 93 percent is like…well…everything! So thanks U.S. government and forget bonds.

I’d say put your money in a savings account but remember that for every 10 thousand dollars you save this year, next year you’ll have 10 thousand dollars and about… 3 gallons of gas, because unless you haven’t been paying attention banks no longer give interest to you even as a thank you not to mention fair payment for using your money to make money for themselves… So, forget savings accounts.

How about a nice mutual fund or stock portfolio? Well, mutual fund agents used to guarantee 8 to 12 percent average interest over the life of your fund but of course that was a “market based” guarantee which was not actually a guarantee of any kind as they’d always remind you when you were signing up for the fund. And when they say no guaranteed interest boy they sure don’t kid around! No guarantee. No interest, period. The stock market (just like you suspected) really is for people with 14 billion dollars, who really don’t need all that money and who really do have 100 years to not care whether it’s here today, gone tomorrow and back again. So forget the stock market. It’s become tantamount to gambling so you think you will make lots of easy money there but just like at the casino, you won’t make any money there at all.

What about 401ks? Stock Market again! See above. Plus you get a 10 percent penalty and taxed another 20 percent if you use it before you are 59 and ½. Hopefully your kids are gone by then because you’re going to need that money. Trust me! (And what’s the ½ for? Just to screw with us?)

And now the following bill is being proposed in Congress and recent reports say that it has a 79% chance of passing. It’s called H.R. 992: Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act and as you probably can guess it will not be an improvement of any kind to anything. What it will do as I understand it, is weaken the already weak Dodd-Frank Act that is supposed to protect us from another big bank money grab and public bailout like the one we had in 2008.

Instead this amendment to Dodd-Frank will make it easier for banks to speculate with depositors money again and allow for a future where the FDIC will no longer need to guarantee depositor funds; it can just confiscate them  to recapitalize the banks should they go south once again. This would mean that your money in your bank could be used to bailout your bank’s theft of your money. So the bank of the not too distant future, for all intents and purposes can rob you!…legally!

So, how do we save for college and our children’s future or save for anything if this is what we have to look forward to? The mattress! Yep, you heard me! Every dollar in gets you 1 dollar out plus when you consider adding all of the spare change that falls out of your pocket and lands under the bed your mattress has a higher average annual yield then most government securities! So parents of America, To the Mattresses I say! To the Mattresses!

The Last Refuge

7 Apr

VIOLENCE: exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse: injury by or as if by distortion, infringement, or profanation: intense, turbulent, or furious and often destructive action or force : vehement feeling or expression or an instance of such action or feeling : a clashing or jarring quality :

Once again it has taken a  public viewing of violence in action to move the individuals most responsible for that violence to take action to end it, even though it had been occurring for quite some time and known about by quite a few individuals, and that’s not even including the adult perpetrator and his adult victims, who obviously were all too aware about it too.

In case you are unaware of the specific incident of which I speak, I am referring to the recent firing of the Rutgers Men’s Basketball coach. Certainly there are and have been greater and more violent episodes in our society than this one… but perhaps it is our all too common belief that violence, when called by a sweeter name makes its stench more rosy… that allows for its constant acceptance by all of us in all of its various and insidious forms.


Our use of Violence in our society is almost as inexplicable as it is pervasive. It accomplishes nothing, leaves anger in its wake and only satisfies the one who uses it. And that satisfaction is almost always short lived and regrettable. And violence is also something that seems to require the immediate notice of many to even be seen or acknowledged as something that actually exists.

When experienced by the few the violent act almost always takes refuge in the deeper recesses of the brain… a shared secret among those who agree to be separate yet somehow equal, perpetrators.

Why we still resort to it is a question that by now we should have an answer and a solution to. It is a sad testament to our culture and humanity that we have not yet found one.

I have lived long enough and have worked with enough troubled and battered children to have realized that violence is not and can never be a motivational tool for any kind of positive learning experience, personal athletic improvement or moral achievement. Violence isn’t even a last resort. It’s a surrender. It’s a statement that says “I have no idea what to do!” And it truly is “the last refuge of the incompetent”.

 Rather than scorned or shunned by those who have felt its wrath it seems to be handed down from generation to generation like an inherited gene. And yet I have never met anyone who has ever sworn by its instructive value as in: “If I hadn’t been for that coach/parent/mentor’s abuse  in my youth I never would have developed the talents that I have today”

Whenever I see someone who is performing a task or involved in an instructive activity, resort or devolve into violence to make a point or a show or to add punctuation, I know that they have no idea what they are doing and that it’s time to walk away, get out of the way or move on to someone else.

There’s just no two ways about it… and until violence in all of its aberrant forms  is always and unequivocally equated with incompetence we will forever live in a world that will at best be one of two steps forward and one step back…and perhaps even more sadly the other way around.




4 Apr

Hey ladies! Is this not good news? Professor Jenny Graves, one of Australia’s leading scientists, believes that women will ultimately outlast men. Graves bases her prediction on the knowledge that the male sex chromosome suffers from an inherent fragility…besides not being able to get any!

Apparently women have 2 X chromosomes with 1,000 genes apiece while the male Y chromosome of which all males have only 1 has been diminishing to a current 100 genes… and without a bullet, so to speak. In the case of humans, a single gene on the Y-chromosome acts as a signal to set the developmental pathway towards maleness which must be why we never ask for directions…we have only one way to go!

What’s worse, since men only have one Y chromosome, losses can’t be repaired the way they are in women, who’s two X chromosome’s serve as back-ups for each other to patch-up problems. Perhaps this is why men always resort to fighting when trying to problem solve while women only have the occasional pulling of hair…but oh those cat fights!

And since Both males and females retain one of their mother’s X chromosomes, and females retain their second X chromosome from their father, a human female has one X chromosome from her paternal grandmother (father’s side), and one X chromosome from her mother…and you thought it was a mystery why mothers and daughters never get along.

But once the Y chromosome starts to break down in men it begins what Graves calls, “a downward spiral.” Graves goes on to call the remaining genes in the Y chromosome “mostly junk” as a result of “dumb design.” Of course let’s not forget that Ms. Graves is a woman so really, speaking for all men everywhere…what does she know?

But there’s a kicker…it will take over 5 million years for the total extinction of men to pan out the way Professor Graves has outlined. Also, the Y chromosome loses genes in bursts and hasn’t lost any in over 25 million years. So once again it’s just a case of being called in from the yard or away from the game to be told something that isn’t that important after all.

Besides  it’s still very likely that science will be able to produce a solution to this problem before it becomes too big of a deal. After all it’s not like in the meantime men are going to pollute the entire planet or blow each other up with atomic weapons or bankrupt the world with crazy investment strategies…

Women of the world! You have 2,000 X’s each and plenty to spare so what are we waiting for? It’s time to do the research before it’s too late and create the new X-man…the XXYman! We’ll be neater and cleaner and ask for your help and directions and be less likely to always side with our mothers and best of all…Mixed Martial Arts Cat-Fight Cage Fighting! What could possibly go wrong?


Unleashing the beauty of creativity


Stream of Thought observations, images, and more


Real Gardening in my Real Garden

My Life As A Wife

Have I Lost My Mind?

Amber Evergreen

Elite Submissive Companion in Scotland

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Figuring life out, one post at a time.

Mono Girl

Life Beyond Tired

Pen of Contention

Giving ink to life's little annoyances...

Budget Abode

home is where the heart is, but it doesn't have to break the budget. Here's to pinching pennies and DIY-ing our way to a happy home (and heavy wallet).

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Travel the world, one trip at a time

The Floating Thoughts

thoughts of yours & thoughts of ours...would create an unforgettable memoir !!!

Offering CrossFit SEO Services

Relentlessly Pursuing Excellence in CrossFit & In Life

The Mouse's Soapbox

observations from a certain, unique perspective - especially, these days, about dating


Travelling the world and dancing


a gated community for the overthinker

Southern Georgia Bunny

Adventures of an Southern Bunny everything from dating, sex, life and shake your head moments.

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