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It’s the People!

9 Apr

Finally…Good news for gun advocates! Texas officials say that at least 14 people have been wounded in a stabbing attack at  the Lone Star Community College System’s campus in Cypress, Texas.

Now do you understand? This proves once and for all that It’s the people!

People are dangerous and can and often will do dangerous things that may put others in danger, including loved ones, innocent bystanders and just about anyone else who might be within their sphere of dangerousness.

People have been known to hurt one another with hammers, knives, rocks, baseball bats, sticks and stones,  automobiles, golf clubs, shovels, pitch forks, chemicals, dirt, fists, teeth,  poisons, sharp objects, hurtful words and just plain meanness…sometimes for no reason at all.

And is this any reason to outlaw any or all of these items? Of course not! Things don’t hurt people only people with things can hurt people! So why would anyone wish to outlaw guns? A gun is a tool just like a hammer, or rock, or knife is it not?

So why have guns become the innocent victims of misguided people who wish to outlaw them?

And besides, guns or rather “arms” (noun [plural]  /ɑː(r)mz/ 1. weapons, for example guns or bombs especially one used in warfare) are protected by the U.S. Constitution? And by the way did you notice that the definition of arms includes guns and bombs and other things used in warfare?

So leave guns alone! It’s our right! It’s what keeps us free! And allows us to pursue our happiness…like when we get happy shooting things…and they allow us to defend ourselves against the most dangerous animal on the planet…namely people…us…ourselves!

Yes, we intelligently designed creatures formed in the image of our most glorious creator, are dangerous! It’s the people who are the problem! And are people protected in the constitution? No! People have rights but no one has the right to be a people in the first place do they?

In fact our Founding Fathers didn’t even like people or trust them very much for that matter. Most people were given no rights at all and some were counted as only a fraction of their actual selves. But not guns or arms! They were named specifically in the Bill of Rights and they have their own original amendment.

People amendments weren’t even added until much later by weak minded liberal sissies and now look what’s happened? Guns are in danger and people are more dangerous than ever!

Down with people! We have way too many of them and there is no limit as to how many one can have or make or adopt or whatever. Where is the regulation on people? Have you noticed how many prisoners and criminals we have in this country these days? If we outlaw guns soon the only people we’ll have left will be outlaws!

People of America wake up! It’s us! It’s the people! We must be stopped!

And having guns and lots of them is the only way to do it!

Why oh why doesn’t anyone get it?!!! Oh the Inhumanity!

To the Mattresses

9 Apr

This is basically a re-post of something I wrote a few months ago about savings and banks and sending your children to college but since then it appears that our federal government is up to their old shenanigans again and soon there might be no safe place for your money to reside except…you guessed it… So let’s review:

First of all a word to parents: Parents, I highly recommend college for your children. A college education is a great way to boost your child’s future earning potential but, how can we parents possibly save for it and then pay for it without saddling ourselves and our children with more and more debt?

Well, a few years ago I would have said, buy United States Savings Bonds! Money that I put into U.S. Bonds when my children were little doubled and even tripled by the time they reached college age. But in 2006 Congress voted to reduce the interest rate on bonds from 6 percent annually to .04 percent. That is unbelievably a 93 percent reduction in interest on U.S. Savings bonds and 93 percent is like…well…everything! So thanks U.S. government and forget bonds.

I’d say put your money in a savings account but remember that for every 10 thousand dollars you save this year, next year you’ll have 10 thousand dollars and about… 3 gallons of gas, because unless you haven’t been paying attention banks no longer give interest to you even as a thank you not to mention fair payment for using your money to make money for themselves… So, forget savings accounts.

How about a nice mutual fund or stock portfolio? Well, mutual fund agents used to guarantee 8 to 12 percent average interest over the life of your fund but of course that was a “market based” guarantee which was not actually a guarantee of any kind as they’d always remind you when you were signing up for the fund. And when they say no guaranteed interest boy they sure don’t kid around! No guarantee. No interest, period. The stock market (just like you suspected) really is for people with 14 billion dollars, who really don’t need all that money and who really do have 100 years to not care whether it’s here today, gone tomorrow and back again. So forget the stock market. It’s become tantamount to gambling so you think you will make lots of easy money there but just like at the casino, you won’t make any money there at all.

What about 401ks? Stock Market again! See above. Plus you get a 10 percent penalty and taxed another 20 percent if you use it before you are 59 and ½. Hopefully your kids are gone by then because you’re going to need that money. Trust me! (And what’s the ½ for? Just to screw with us?)

And now the following bill is being proposed in Congress and recent reports say that it has a 79% chance of passing. It’s called H.R. 992: Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act and as you probably can guess it will not be an improvement of any kind to anything. What it will do as I understand it, is weaken the already weak Dodd-Frank Act that is supposed to protect us from another big bank money grab and public bailout like the one we had in 2008.

Instead this amendment to Dodd-Frank will make it easier for banks to speculate with depositors money again and allow for a future where the FDIC will no longer need to guarantee depositor funds; it can just confiscate them  to recapitalize the banks should they go south once again. This would mean that your money in your bank could be used to bailout your bank’s theft of your money. So the bank of the not too distant future, for all intents and purposes can rob you!…legally!

So, how do we save for college and our children’s future or save for anything if this is what we have to look forward to? The mattress! Yep, you heard me! Every dollar in gets you 1 dollar out plus when you consider adding all of the spare change that falls out of your pocket and lands under the bed your mattress has a higher average annual yield then most government securities! So parents of America, To the Mattresses I say! To the Mattresses!


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