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Happiness is a warm gun?

9 Mar


Recently  Republican Sen. Rand Paul attempted a Senate filibuster to draw attention to the government’s ambiguity when asked about whether drones could be used to kill targets within the United States.

Senator Paul courageously vowed to speak “until the president had responded with, ‘No, we won’t kill Americans in cafes. No, we won’t kill you at home at night,’…

And alas,  the Attorney General Eric Holder did respond that President Barack Obama would not have the authority to order a drone to kill an American citizen on U.S. soil… who was “not engaged in combat.”

 I certainly feel better now…how about you?

However, for those of you who fervently support our second amendment rights I wouldn’t suppose that this promise comes as any great comfort. Especially to all of our enthusiastic freedom loving and gun supporting rebels who are worried about preserving their rights to defend themselves against a tyrannical and future government that might decide to come for them and take away their freedom.

Once upon a time, when the Constitution was written, the guns we had at home were every bit as good as the guns our British oppressors could muster against us. And since the newly independent United States had no standing army our new government needed to rely on a well armed citizenry to come to its defense in the form of militia…hence the wording of the second amendment.

Even a hundred years later during our own Civil War, one could still bring a home weapon to the fight that was better suited to your own ability to kill the enemy than many of the government issued weapons of the day.  And if you had a horse to bring along…even better.

So back in the day our home weapons could really provide a defense against any enemies foreign or domestic, real or imagined…But today’s home weapons, no matter what you are packing, are no match for the firepower our government can literally conjure up out of thin air.

So if you are by any chance under the delusion that you can form an armed defense against a government that  now features flying killer robots, then you had better consider entertaining yourself with another delusion. Because the killer drones that would put down any future citizen rebellions will not necessarily come from a plane that you could even target in the sky.

Nope. Here’s what is more likely to happen: While You and your freedom defending neighbors gather in the garage or underground bunker to dole out the Bushmasters and Glock 19s a cute  little bird will fly into your backyard…and before your wife can finish the sentence, “Hey Honey stop what you’re doing and come look at the pret…”

Your neighborhood, your neighbors and you will be gone.

Yes, our military can do that now.

Sadly, our household guns will only be good in the future for killing exactly what they are used for killing now…each other…and no one need take them away from us because not only is an armed citizenry now obsolete, but also… being able to shoot each other… may someday  just be the only comfort we’ll have left.


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