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Arthur Shmarthur 2… On the Rocks is Right!

14 Feb


 I guess we can’t all be Arthur’s because statistically, less affluent Americans stand only a 4 percent chance of becoming part of the upper middle class. That’s a number that is lower than in almost every other industrialized nation. Did you know that only in México and Turkey does someone born poor stand less of a chance of escaping poverty than in the United States?…good thing Turkey isn’t where Canada is, isn’t it? And if we could actually swop places with Canada on the map, we wouldn’t have to worry about illegal immigration anymore. How’s that for a happy thought?

But sadly, I still meet so many working class people who believe that it is the fault of the 150 million for dragging everyone else down, as though half of the country’s population gets up every morning and lays down again for a refreshing day of welfare and handouts while the 400 who have been soaking up America’s assets like giant self absorbent money sponges are simply hardworking, entrepreneurial, god-graced souls who are trying to help everyone else as best as they can, by acquiring all of the money so they can then trickle it all over us… And while it is true that One in eight American adults and one in four children now survive on government food stamps aren’t those unbelievable numbers for what is still, despite the lack of our social mobility, the world’s richest nation?

…. As Warren Buffett, the second richest man in America, said, “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

In 1980, 30 percent of the profits the country produced went to the richest 1 percent of American society. Today it’s almost 60 percent, while the other 99% of Americans have consumer debt that now totals about $13.5 trillion!

Personally, I believe that we who are among the working classes in America do not need to worry about stock piling our guns in order to be ready to fight off an ever growing and all encompassing socialistic government who will want to take all of our hard earned goods and money so as to distribute it amongst the poor, hungry, downtrodden, lazy, and illegally “alien” masses.

What we need to worry about is that if this trend continues and the rich continue to get richer while the poor…you know… wonder if they should begin emigrating to Mexico and Turkey… then  perhaps someday soon the new American Billionaire Arthurs and their few friends will decide to take their 99% share of America’s wealth and do what the rich always like to do when their surroundings get too crowded, too dirty, too smelly too old or too “passé” for their gentile likings…

take the money and move elsewhere!

That’s what I am beginning to worry about, and…

That’s when we’ll most likely need our guns… to go hunting…for food.



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