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Swan Song

3 Nov

Not all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy were men and women that’s for sure. My daughter and I helped rescue a wayward swan today (At least we like to think we did!) He appeared in our yard today from out of nowhere and looked as though he’d been on a journey of some length and duration. We knew that we had a pair of swans who lived in our neighborhood lake but that was a few blocks and one main road away so we figured that was where he came from but how long he’d been trying to find his way back or whether he even knew the way we had no idea.

So we Hansel and Gretel-ed him onto the right path with some breadcrumbs and did some traffic directing along the way and on wobbly knees and webbed feet and looking a bit disoriented and dehydrated he made his way back to the lake where the water seemed to instantly rejuvenate him…and sure enough there was his mate swimming around at the other end.

I’m going to assume that she missed him because as soon as they spied one another they paddled towards each other as though they were in a scene from a romance novel. All that was missing was the swelling of the stringed instruments in the background.

So what were once two ugly ducklings are now swimmingly reunited and happily enjoying their own swan song that I suppose only two swans could enjoy.



What’s In a Name?

3 Nov

My house was destroyed by a hurricane named Sandy! Sandy is a dog that says woof…not a Frankenstorm!  If we are going to watch our houses destroyed and our property blown away and our livelihoods threatened and our families scared witless on a yearly basis, now that global warming is upon us like it’s The Day After! (Did you happen to see the satellite picture of this last storm?) then we are going to have to give them better names!

They need to be names like Dr. Doom! Or Mr. Destructo! Or Megatron! Or Holy Crap! So then at least we can say things to each other like “I remember back in 2K12 when Dr. Doom wrecked my house.” Or, “It was way back in 38 when Megatron came up from the south and ate New York!” Or “Remember when Holy Crap left us with a shitstorm of trouble back in Ought6?”

Now those are names to be afraid of and to get people’s attention.

“Look out! It’s The World Eater! And it’s headed our way! Evacuate!”

Now that just might get folks to pack up and cross the bridges and seek safe haven someplace else.

I know this was a terrible tragedy and I’m really not trying to make light of a horrible disaster. I’m just trying to relieve some anxiety after 4 days of worry and fright in the face of Mother Nature. She really does deserve more respect than to be called Sandy or Irene or Andrew or Ivan.

We need to start giving nature her or his due and name these storms for exactly what they are and then get the hell out of the way!

3 Nov
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