Protect the Head! Follow up…

23 Sep

Follow Up Lesson:

Always Protect the Head!

While sitting here on an NFL football Sunday watching the games I thought it might be a good time to…

Remember my motto: Always protect the head! Good head protection however, (if I were in class the kids would be giggling now) doesn’t just happen on the outside. You must also protect your head on the inside too. Which means being careful about what you put in your head like drugs and alcohol because just as sure as a smack upside the head with a baseball bat will rattle your brain from the outside in, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol will be rattling your brain from the inside out. It’s true. The smack isn’t felt as immediately and the impact isn’t as sudden but the damage is still being done, slowly, inexorably and irrevocably.

            So here’s where I am supposed to tell you to just say no. Don’t do drugs. Don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke anything! But, let’s be honest. Even if you try to resist, you’ll probably say yes anyway, somewhere, someday and at some point in your life. Crap! The entire world will be marshaling its forces against you: peer pressure, troubled youth, parental insanity, depression, anxiety, advertisements, curiosity…let’s face it. You’ll do it! (probably)

            Will you be able to handle drugs and alcohol and use them moderately or will you be one of the many who fall victim to a lifetime of dependency and abuse? There’s no way of knowing until you use them. That’s why drugs and alcohol suck. They look like fun and often times are, but then WHACK! Suddenly you’re the ex heavyweight champion of the world chewing on some guys earlobe in front of 50 million people. How did that happen? Or worse, suddenly you’re nobody and you’re nowhere and NOOOOOOOObody cares.

 It happens. And it happens because we forget to protect the head! The brain is our most valuable asset. It is who we are. Why the world pumps billions of more dollars into trying to get us to use substances that will ruin our potential rather than into schools and programs and education that will enhance our potentials is mankind’s original sin. Unfortunately it is what we do.

So be careful! Protect the head! Do the best you can and try your absolute hardest to protect your brain before you begin to abuse your brain. Help each other. Help yourself. And above all, DON”T DO DRUGS…much.

2 Responses to “Protect the Head! Follow up…”

  1. elizjamison September 24, 2012 at 2:31 am #

    You are so right. And I think about this every day as I see my students. They’ve got money (or at least their parents do) so the prescription drugs and alcohol are easy to come by. I know they are partying. Some aren’t of course. But they’re the unusual ones.
    So what can we do (parents and teachers) to stop them from using drugs and alcohol? We can educate them. We can scare them. We can tell them worst-case-stories. But really they’ve got to have a solid foundation at home in order to make the right decisions, and sometimes even the best home life isn’t a guarantee against partying.
    Love your advice though.

  2. missriete September 24, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    So very true! I teach Primary School kids and we try to discourage drinking and smoking with special projects etc. But when home is not helping – and, as you said, even when it is – all you can do is hope for the best. Peer pressure is so powerful!

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