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More on the importance of words…

3 Sep

Mr. Picone’s recommended Collection of

Big-Ass Words

     In any language, words are important. No matter what language you speak, increasing your vocabulary within that language will increase your intelligence, your knowledge and your ability to communicate. Building a large vocabulary is like acquiring a large circle of friends. The more people you know the more opportunities you have to make connections in life that will enhance your ability to influence others and for others to influence you. It works the same with words. As more and more words become available to you, your ability to access knowledge will increase as will your ability to understand what others have already learned and have written down for you to read and absorb. And you’ll look sound and actually be smarter!

One day in class my students were copying the weekly vocabulary list into their notebooks when a student sighed and remarked, “Man, these are some big-ass words!”

So here is your opportunity to begin your own personal dictionary of big-ass words for your own enjoyment, enrichment and edification. This is the fundamental lesson about education. It’s all about the student! If you want to learn you will learn. Teachers are facilitators who tell you the information you need to know or who can show you where to find it and who can help you to process it and find meaning in it but they can’t remember it for you and they can’t pay attention for you and they can’t listen for you. Education is all about being a good STUDENT.

So…If you are not familiar with a word that you see then write it down and look for its definition. (No need to go crazy, usually a single word synonym will do) Do whatever it takes to help you understand the word’s meaning and be able to make it one of your new Big-Assed best friends. If making new friends is not your thing, well then, just keep on reading…but just in case, look at it this way; What if you don’t like what I have to say? If you’re going to take the time to read this blog then why not come out at the end smarter than you were when you started?


More on words…

3 Sep

So I’m shopping with my wife and she picks up a package of vegetable bologna and says, “You should try this. This is very good! It doesn’t have any meat in it and is made entirely from vegetables!”

“Wow! I thought. You’re about to buy phoney baloney! There actually is a product that is real “genuine” phoney baloney! When I was a kid, phoney baloney was as phoney as one could get. Phoney baloney meant absolute nonsense, so ridiculous that anyone could spot it as being purely disingenuous. And here now was a product that was exactly that. It was phoney baloney… but apparently real! And we could buy it too!

Then I thought…obviously this product is a result of our over indulgent society’s desire for meat and meat products which has led to high obesity rates and heart disease and ecological destruction etc…and even though the makers of this product are using vegetables and other “non-meat” products they still have to make it taste like meat! That’s how much we love meat! Even though it’s killing us! So then I began to think about other common things that we sometimes say to one another. Could there be other phrases out there that might portent a future yet to come? Will recycling and reusing and ingredient substitutions continue to be a way of life far into the distant (or not so distant) future? Does this mean that someday, considering how our planet is still careening towards ecological disaster and famine and overpopulation, another popular colloquialism might lead future shoppers into commenting “Hey, look at this dear. We can now eat shit and not die!”

Then my wife, breaking me out of my reverie said, ” I buy this because this is the good phoney bologna. I won’t eat the other kind because I know how that’s made. And believe me this is much better.”

Yow! I thought…How do they make the other kind? And now I can just hear future shoppers having this same discussion. “Don’t buy that shit! I know how it’s made. Buy this shit. It’s the good shit!”

I just hope we people on this planet get “our shit” together before it’s too late!

Aren’t words fun?

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