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Bad School! Baaaaaaaaaaad School!

21 Aug

Why are parents and students interested in attending private schools or in obtaining vouchers that will help them leave the public schools and attend private or charter schools? Is it because the public schools are bad? I mean are the actual schools themselves, the buildings, dangerous or frightening or haunted? Or is it because the teachers, the faculty and administration, are dangerous or poorly trained or unqualified? Or maybe the staff is mean and anti-social or have extremely offensive body odor? Of course not. The buildings are fine. They’re inspected and well built and safe, even if perhaps at times a little older than one would like. The staff and faculty are certified and qualified; state tested and approved, even if perhaps a little older at times than one would like…but that’s not what makes a school bad.

So what could it be? What makes a bad school? What are the private, parochial, and voucher loving parents and students running from? They’re running from the other kids in those schools. Let’s be honest. A bad school is any school that has an overabundance of the wrong kinds of students; students of the wrong color or wrong religion or wrong culture. That’s what private schools provide an alternative to; kids that you don’t want your kids hanging around with.

A private school can provide a homogeneous grouping like all girls, all boys, all Christians, all everybody like me and mine. That’s what some people are after, and it is a free country after all, but if you want to attend the Anti-diversity and not the Uni-versity  then you should pay for it yourself and not with public monies or by taking money away from the public schools… But let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute and look at it from the pro-voucher stance and cut through all the euphemisms, i.e.; crap and be honest here. The public schools are where all of the public children go, right? So when you send your child there you:

  1. Send them to where all the bullies are!
  2. Send them to where they can easily find drugs, learn about them and buy them!
  3. Send them to where they can meet all the girls and boys and discover sex!
  4. Send them to a place where we now have to have security drills because who knows who could wander in unannounced and kill them—It’s public!
  5. Send them to where gang members look for recruits!
  6. Send them to where they are most likely to get hurt while playing sports!
  7. Send them to where no praying is allowed!
  8. Send them to where all of the crazy, reckless teenage drivers drive!

But all of these dangers come from the other parents’ children NOT the teachers! NOT the staff! NOT the administration! NOT the school building! Besides trying to teach them how to read and write, we are the ones who are also faced with the challenge of teaching them wrong from right. We’re not the problem! Firing us and taking away our tenure or our health care or our pay raises or our buildings isn’t going to make these seething hotbeds of teenage angst and lust better. It might make it cheaper but certainly not better.

Creating cheap, industrial, warehouse schools is how we got into this mess in the first place. We don’t need fewer schools with fewer teachers. We need more schools with more teachers, with fewer students in each. We need higher paid teachers who are more highly trained with more job security and with incentives to want to become even more highly trained. We need better neighborhoods with more available and better paying jobs and an infrastructure that is not old dilapidated and crumbling. What we need is more political, governmental and public support for our schools.

Any talk about doing anything else is just what it is: The latest crap served on a steaming hot pile of waste by thieving political cheapskates who would take a dollar out of their poor mother’s pocket to give to their whoring special interest girlfriends just for a vote now wouldn’t they?

So if we really want to save money in the public schools here’s what we should do.

First of all, school’s too long! It begins too early and it ends too late. When was the last time any adjustments were made? And why are we always so reluctant to make changes anyway? Here is a list of my reforms.

School begins at 9AM! No more getting up before the sun and wandering into the building with one eye open. This will give students some time to eat some breakfast and maybe say hello or goodbye to some family members, maybe even time to establish a relationship with some family members. Imagine that! Mornings with breakfast, time to wake up and relationships! What a concept for the modern world.

Since we’re beginning school later in the day we’ll have to eliminate some things…Phys. Ed., Music, Art, Cooking, Woodshop, Acting, Foreign Language, Sports…OK, everything but…


4 classes then go home!


That’s it. School’s closed. Shut up shop and we’ll save a bundle!

What? You’re hungry? Go home and make lunch!

Now what would be so wrong with this idea? Less school, fewer teachers, more savings, right? Well maybe this would be possible if we were living back on the prairie where Ma was at home churning butter while Pa was out in the fields churning manure but we’re not. This is the 21st century where no one lives at home during the daytime. Families these days are like vampires. They only gather at night! I remember a school day not so long ago during the winter when a storm developed during the school day and our superintendent decided to send the district school children home early which was not an uncommon practice but for reasons of good fortune or fate hadn’t been done for quite a few of the preceding years. That decision nearly cost him his job because the parents were furious. Most of the district homes were empty during the day and the children upon arriving home early were either alone in their homes or locked out and left stranded on the porch or front stoop in a winter snow storm. Moral of the story? No one wants their kids home during the day! The daytime is when all good little vampires go to school and stay there!

So if in today’s modern America we were to shorten the public school day or shut down schools what would we do with the kids? No one is home. All of our parents are working! And if you’d like to consider an alternative like day care, the average cost of daycare in this country is $8,150 per year…for each child! To be paid out of your pocket not the tax payers. And that’s just for caring not schooling too! So let’s face it. Public school is not going anywhere. It’s here to stay because you don’t want your kids at home during the work day do you? And Without the public schools to keep an eye on your children while you’re out working for the almighty dollar little Tommy the Tank engine of capitalism would crap his pants and derail the money train.

What vouchers are really for is a new kind of public school that doesn’t have YOUR kids in it. Vouchers are a another version of the good old money grab; a way to divert public monies into the private and religious sectors and when was the last time that you saw something privatized  turn out being good for the middle class and the public at large. Eventually everything that is privatized becomes more expensive because once government lets go of something it lets go for good and that means the end of any chance at regulating prices except for the use of subsidies which is another money grabbing operation that forces out the working classes and opens up more opportunities for the wealthy to step in and rake in the cash.

There are no bad schools. Those schools that we call bad are only poor, old and neglected ones. Calling a school bad or failing is just as bad as calling your own children names. What does it accomplish and what purpose does it serve? That’s how you really leave children behind by calling them more names and destroying their sense of worth and self esteem and their community’s sense of worth and self esteem and then shutting down their ones source of hope for a brighter future.

We need the public schools of this country to remain supported, well funded and public because the word public does not mean ME or YOU. It means ME and YOU as in US! The word UNITED is our country’s first name is it not? Abraham Lincoln once said that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” And he continued, “I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.”

If we do not support our public schools they will most certainly become all one thing and that one thing will most definitely be bad; bad for our children, bad for our country and bad for us all. We cannot run from what we don’t like. We cannot wave our fingers at it and call it bad and expect it to suddenly behave more to our liking. We cannot move to the other side of town and say, “We’ll take care of our kids, you take care of yours.”

We must work together and live together and learn together and support one another while doing it with all of our resources and all of our citizens and all of our diversity in order to make our schools and our children and our great states all one very good and important thing again…of ALL the people, by ALL the people and for ALL the people…or in other words, UNITED.


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